Angelique Face and body shaver MXBS-100

5 May 2023


Get your smooth skin!

With summer approaching, many people have already traveled or are planning their next trip. For those who are still searching for flights and hotels, pay attention to the new product from the Maxell Angelique series! The Maxell Angelique series’ functionality and practicality have always been unquestionable, with a variety of contouring and care products. This new product is a face and body shaver that is lightweight, easy to carry, easy to operate, and excellent value for money!

MXBS-100 Face and Body Shaver

✓ Rotating blade: Gentle for the skin, it does not touch the skin directly
✓ Suitable for face and body hair: Care for hair on the face, nape, armpits, arms, legs, hands, and fingers
✓ Washable with water: Shaving Blade and body can be washed with water for cleanliness
✓ Regular shaving: Lightly put the outer blade on the skin and slide it in a circular motion to shave
✓ Foam shaving: Apply the foaming soap and put the outer blade more gently and slowly shave against the direction of hair growth
✓ Compact size: Convenient to carry and use when going out ✓ Colors: White/Navy



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