Anti-bacterial Air Purifier HEP-200

29 November 2021


Super filtration, double purification of bacteria and viruses, no odor, protect family health

The popular Japanese home appliance brand Maxell earlier launched the OZONEO AERO deodorising and antibacterial machine MXAP-AE270, using Ozoneo to proactively spread ozone and negative ions, effectively killing bacteria, viruses and odors in the home. In order to more effectively eliminate harmful substances and viruses in the room, Maxell strongly promotes the sterilizing air purifier MXAP-HEP200, which uses a high-efficiency multi-filter system and super ventilation capability to further filter harmful impurities in the air. It is a defensive iron in the home. wall. With OZONEO AERO deodorizing and antibacterial machine, it can achieve a double purification effect and protect the health of the family.

The Strongest Filter Combination – HEPA(H13) x Cold Catalyst x Active Carbon   

Anti-bacterial Air Purifier MXAP-HEP200’s high-efficiency five-fold filter, filtering and sterilising at the same time, redefining the function of the filter and maximising the cleaning efficiency. Using H13 grade HEPA, cold catalyst and activated carbon filter, it captures harmful dust particles in the floating air, and decomposes harmful formaldehyde, bacteria, allergens and odors, and purifies the home more perfectly.

Super ventilation x quiet air supply

Anti-bacterial Air Purifier MXAP-HEP200 adopts aerodynamic design concept, with roller-type fan blades and brushless motor motor, with a special internal structure, double-sided air intake, providing large-angle and large-volume output. Covering a large area as high as 580 feet, it also achieves unparalleled

Five-step Filtration System and Dual Sterilization Mechanism

The sterilizing air purifier MXAP-HEP200 is equipped with a five-fold filtration system, which prevents harmful impurities in the air with numerous obstacles.

Level 1. pre-filter to block large suspended particles such as hair and dust.

Level 2 double-sided design. One side is equipped with a cold catalyst material known as the nemesis of formaldehyde. The test report of MXAP-HEP200 shows that the clean air output rate (CADR) of formaldehyde is 84m3/hr, such as 500 According to the calculation of the home, it only takes about 90 minutes to deal with the harmful formaldehyde in the home, and the cold catalyst material combined with the built-in UV germicidal lamp can further decompose the bacteria. On the other side, there is an activated carbon filter with a honeycomb structure, which evenly holds activated carbon particles, which can effectively absorb organic matter and odors, and its odor absorption and deodorisation effect is not inferior to the OZONEO series.

Level 3 double-sided structure with an antibacterial filter layer on one side, which can greatly reduce the problem of bacteria breeding in the filter that is commonly encountered in air fresheners, effectively helping to clean the air and prolong the life of the filter. On the other side is the H13-level HEPA high-efficiency filter, which effectively filters suspended particles that pose a threat to health. It is also one of the main indicators of air pollution such as PM2.5 and haze among many people in the market. According to the article The test results provided by the Tripartite Laboratory show that this machine can filter PM0.3 particles up to 99.99%, that is, as long as the particle diameter exceeds 0.3 microns in the air, it can hardly escape the clutches of MXAP-HEP200. The test results also pointed out that the sterilisation ability reached 99.99%, dust mites 98.75%, and pollen 91.61%. In addition to PM2.5 and germs, even the allergens are not spared.

Double sterilization extends filter life

MXAP-HEP200 releases 20 million negative ions and a built-in UV Chamber with a wavelength of 365nm inhibit and decompose organic substances, bacteria, viruses and odors in the air effectively. At the same time, it can also help reduce the growth of bacteria in the filter.

Real-time Indoor Air Quality Indicator

MXAP-HEP200 has a high-precision laser particle sensor, which automatically adjusts the wind speed, and sensitive to slight pollution to achieve the best purification effect.

The relationship between wind speed and PM2.5 value

Rich functions

Wind speed optional, automatic mode, sleep mode, timer shutdown mode, child lock, negative ion switch, UV germicidal lamp switch, air humidification protection, dump safety power off, filter replacement prompt, real-time air quality monitoring, etc.



*1  10W is the first paragraph air volume or power in sleep mode.

*2  It is recommended to fill up to 1 liter of water.

*3  The range calculated based on the clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 450 cubic meters per hour3.

*4  According to the GB/T18801-2015 standard, the actual measurement result of the highest wind speed segment (paragraph 8) in a space of 30 cubic meters m3.

*5  Under the condition that the filter maintains the CADR performance of the clean air delivery rate, the replacement is set at 1500 hours. Or due to differences in the actual use environment and time, it is recommended to replace the filter when you feel a peculiar smell in the wind, the wind speed is significantly reduced, or when you find that the filter is obviously gray and there is a lot of visible dust.

*5  According to the actual test results of a third-party laboratory.


  1. Please read all usage methods and precautions before use.
  2. This product is for external use only, please keep it out the reach of children.
  3. Please put it in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight to damage the product structure and affect the performance.

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