Face shaver: Can the blade be replaced?

Can be exchanged. The standard for replacement is about one and a half years.
*If you use it twice a week for about 5 minutes a day for maintenance.
Spare blades can be purchased online at Maxell.

Face shaver: Do you have any accessories?

Comes with a cleaning brush and eyebrows comb.

Face Shaver: How long does the battery last?

If you use it twice a week for about 5 minutes a day, it will take about 1 month. * When using alkaline batteries voltage.
The number of times of use may decrease depending on the conditions of use such as hair thickness, force applied to the skin, care method, and ambient temperature.

Face shaver: Are batteries included?

Batteries are not included. Sold separately. We recommend Maxell batteries.

Face shaver: What batteries do you use?

It is one AAA type.

Face Shaver: Can I use it with shaving cream or soap?

Please refrain from shaving cream or soap as it is not waterproof.

Face shaver: Can I use it after applying makeup (foundation)?

Please refrain from using it over the foundation.
If it adheres to the blade, it may affect the performance or cause a malfunction.

Face shaver: Can the top part of face shaver be washed with water?

It is not waterproof and cannot be washed with water.
Clean the lint on the blade and body with the included cleaning brush.