I-line shaver: Can I buy a spare blade?

Spare blades are not sold and cannot be purchased.

I-line shaver: Do you have any accessories?

Charging cable, cleaning brush

I-line shaver: Can it be used overseas?

It can also be used overseas. However, overseas use is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

I-line shaver: Can I use it while charging?

It can not be used.

I-Line Shaver: How many times can the battery be recharged repeatedly?

It is about 300 times.

I-Line Shaver: How long is the charging time?

It’s about 2.5 hours.

I-Line Shaver: How long can I use it on a single charge?

Level 1: 90 minutes, Level 2: 80 minutes
* Vibration speed is different. Level 1 is slow and level 2 is fast.
Level 1 is recommended when shaving downy hair.

I-line shaver: Is it rechargeable?

It is rechargeable.