Face Shaver: When do you use Mayu Comb?

The eyebrow comb is used to cut the eyebrows to the same length.
You can choose short (about 2 mm) and long (about 4 mm) as you like.

Face Shaver: Where can I use it?

Face (eyebrows, hitai, cheeks, chin, around the nose), hair ridges, collars, arms, legs, fingers
*Do not use on hair or armpits .

Face Shaver: What are the features?

With a 15mm head blade, you can quickly clean eyebrows and eyebrows.
With an eyebrows comb that allows you to choose between two heights, you can easily adjust the length to your liking.
The compact size fits in the pouch, making it convenient to carry.

Eyelash curlers: Can I replace the heating pad? (MXEL-200 only)

It cannot be exchanged. (Not handled as a maintenance part)

Eyelash curlers: Do you have any accessories?

MXEL-200: None
MXEL-100: Cleaning brush

Eyelash curlers: I have eyelash extensions, can I use them?

Please refrain from doing this. As it may damage your eyes due to deformation or deterioration of the adhesive.

Eyelash curlers: Can I use it after applying mascara?

No problem.

Eyelash curlers: How long does the battery last?

MXEL-200: When used once a day for about 2 minutes, it takes about 4 weeks.
MXEL-100: When used once a day for about 3 minutes, it takes about 2 weeks.
*When using alkaline batteries and an ambient temperature of 25 ℃. Depending on the usage conditions such as low ambient temperature, the number of uses may decrease.