Eyelash curlers: Are batteries included?

Batteries are not included. It sells separately. We recommend Maxell batteries.

Eyelash curlers: What batteries do you use?

MXEL-200: 2 pieces AAA batteries
MXEL-100: 1 piece AAA battery

Eyelash curlers: Can I use it overseas?

It can also be used overseas.
However, please note that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover overseas use.

Eyelash curlers: Can the top part of eyelash curler be washed with water?

It is not waterproof and cannot be washed with water.
MXEL-200: Lightly wipe off dirt on the top part of eyelash curler such as mascara with a damp tissue.
MXEL-100: Use the included cleaning brush to remove dirt such as mascara from the top part of eyelash curler.

Eyelash curlers: How long does it take to preheat after turning on the power until it becomes usable?

MXEL-200: Approximately 10 seconds.
MXEL-100: It takes about 1 to 2 minutes. It can be used when the optimum temperature mark changes from purple to pink.

Eyelash curlers: What is the difference between MXEL-200 and MXEL-100?

The method of curling the eyelashes is different. MXEL-200 puts eyelashes on it like an eyelash curler.
MXEL-100 uses a comb with a heater to push up and squeeze the eyelashes. Please choose the type that is easy to use.

Eyelash curlers: What are the features?

・Holds the eyelashes firmly and keeps the curl for a long time.
・It can be prepared quickly in about 10 seconds, and it is easy to use with one touch.
・With a lamp around the eyes, it is convenient even in dimly lit places.
・It is also used as an energizing lamp to notify you of forgetting to switch off the power supply or battery life.

・A 3-step comb that integrates the main heater, point heater, and lump removal comb for gorgeous eyes. 
・With an appropriate temperature mark that shows how to use it. (It’s easy to use when it changes from purple to pink.)
・The compact size that fits in the pouch makes it convenient to carry.