Other questions / inquiries

For other questions and inquiries about products, please contact us via website inquiry page

What is the warranty period of the product?

if the problem or defect occurs due to manufacturing, we will repair or replace it free of charge within one year after purchase.
Please read the instruction manual (with warranty) included with the product carefully.

How often should we clean the electrode plate?

It depends on the condition of the room, but we recommend regular maintenance (about once or twice a month) for comfortable use.
Please refer to the instruction manual of each product for detailed maintenance methods. The instruction manual can be downloaded from the download site on each product page.

Is it okay to run it 24 hours a day?

There is no problem with continuous operation for 24 hours. We recommend that you use it continuously to maintain the effect.
Low-concentration ozone is generated from oxygen in the air as a raw material, so running costs are low and you can use it without worrying about electricity costs.
Please check each product page for electricity bills.

Can it be used in a car or toilet?

Please use within the recommended applicable range for each product. Please check each product page for the recommended scope of application.

Can it be used in the refrigerator?

Please avoid to use it in the refrigerator as it may cause a malfunction.

I heard that ozone is also effective in maintaining freshness, is that true?

Ozone has the effect of preserving freshness by decomposing “ethylene,” which accelerates the ripening of vegetables and fruits.

Can it be used with an air purifier?

Can be used together. When using it together, we recommend that you use it away from the air purifier.