I can’t write data to a CD on my computer.

The drive installed in the personal computer may be a drive that cannot write data (read-only CD-ROM drive). Please check your environment.

I can record data on a CD-R or CD-RW with a personal computer, but why can’t I record data on a DVD-RAM?

In the case of Windows XP, it is possible to enable CD writing, and data cannot be recorded on DVD-RAM unless CD writing is disabled.
Right-click the DVD drive, click Properties, open the Burn tab and there is a checkbox to enable CD burning. If this check box is checked, data cannot be written to DVD-RAM, so uncheck it.

How much capacity can be recorded on a DVD

The capacity of a general recordable DVD is 4.7GB on one side. The double-sided version is twice that, 9.4GB. However, it is not possible to record data of 4.7GB or more on both sides at once, so in that case, it is necessary to divide it into capacities of 4.7GB or less, record on one side, then turn the disk over and record on the other side. there is.
Some DVD-Rs and DVD + Rs have a capacity of 8.5GB on one side, which enables single-sided dual-layer recording.

How many minutes of music or video can be recorded on a CD-R / -RW?

Music CD-R / RW discs currently on the market are labeled “80min, 74min”. In the case of the CD-DA format, respectively, it is possible to record about 80 minutes and 74 minutes of music (including the total playing time of the song and the silent part between the songs).
Also, when recording a video on a data CD-R / RW, it depends on the bit rate, but as a guide, if it is in MPEG1 format, it can be recorded with almost the same length as a music CD. DVD-quality video recorded in MPEG2 format can be recorded at 700MB for about 11 minutes and at 650MB for about 10 minutes. The MPEG1 format can be played with the Windows Media Player that comes standard with Windows, but the MPEG2 format currently requires dedicated playback software.

How many minutes can a DVD record?

A single-sided 4.7GB DVD takes about 2 hours in standard (SP) mode.
The 8.5GB single-sided dual-layer recording type takes about 3.6 hours in standard (SP) mode.
The time that can be recorded varies depending on the content of the video. If the video has a lot of movement, it will take a lot of space, so the recording time will be shorter. Also, in the case of general high image quality mode, it takes about 1 hour with 4.7GB on one side, and in the case of long time mode, it takes about 6 hours or more. Regarding this point, please refer to the instruction manual of the DVD recorder for the recording mode and recordable time.

How long is the life of a CD-R / -RW?

According to our accelerated test, it has a life of about 30 years (this is just an estimated life in the accelerated test, not a guaranteed value).
In addition, the life of the disc may be affected by the storage condition and handling of the disc, so store it in a normal indoor environment. Avoid storing in direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity, or places with drastic temperature changes, and store in a case when not in use to prevent scratches and dirt from adhering to the recording surface of the disc.

How do I successfully remove the disc from the plastic case?

(1) Open the case lid and support both ends of the case with one hand. [Photo (1)]
(2) With your other hand, press the case holder that is the center of the disc. [Photo (2)]
(3) Push down the center of the case so that it bends in a bow shape, and remove the holding part of the case from the disc. [Photo (3)]

How can I record data on an unused DVD ± R or DVD ± RW on my computer?

DVD ± R and DVD ± RW are recording media that are not supported by the OS, so it is necessary to use writing software and record the data using the recording method of that software.
The type of writing software and how to use it differ depending on the computer manufacturer and model, so please check the instruction manual or contact the computer manufacturer.