CD-RW data cannot be overwritten or partially erased.

(1) For Windows XP:
Overwriting or partial erasing of data once written on the disk side cannot be supported on the disk. Therefore, if it is displayed as read-only, it cannot be overwritten and all CD-RW discs will be in the same state.
If you want to overwrite and save, you can do it by the following method.
1 Copy the recorded data to the main body of the personal computer and save it by overwriting. After that, the method of additional recording on the CD-RW disc side again. → In that case, if the file name of the previously recorded data is the same, only the added recorded data will be displayed, and the added data will be used for the capacity.
2 Copy the recorded data to the main body of the personal computer and save it by overwriting. After that, all the recorded data on the disk side is erased once, and the overwritten and saved data is rewritten and recorded.
→ Erasing all the data recorded on a CD and writing the data to the CD disc again is called rewriting work, and this writing method is possible for CD-RW discs.

(2) For Windows Vista:
It is possible to select the format before recording, and if the disc is formatted in the live file format, it can be overwritten and saved on the disc.

CD-RW data cannot be erased.

There are the following methods for erasing CD-RW data.

(1) For Windows XP: (Delete data from My Computer)
1 Double-click “My Computer” to open it.
2 Open Properties in the menu after right-clicking on the CD drive.
3 On the property screen, there is a tab for writing, so open that.
4 Make sure that the check box on the left side of “Enable CD writing on this drive” in the desktop CD writing frame is checked.
If it is checked, it will be OK and the screen will be closed. If it is not checked, check it, then select “Apply” at the bottom right and close the screen with OK.
5 Right-click the CD drive again from the My Computer display screen.
6 There is an item “Erase this CD-RW” in the menu that appears at that time, so if you select that, the CD writing wizard will start, so delete the data by executing that. Can be done.

(2) For Windows Vista:
1 Insert the CD disc to erase the data into the computer and wait until the recognition operation is completed.
2 The screen automatically displayed from the personal computer after recognition is closed.
3 Click the start button at the bottom left.
4 Click “Computer” in the displayed items.
5 Right-click the icon of the drive containing the CD disc and select “Erase this disc”.
→ The Burn Wizard will appear and you are ready to erase the disc.
6 Select “Next” and wait until the erasing process is completed.
7 If the erasure is completed correctly, select “Finish” to complete the erasure work.

(3) Erasing
data from writing software You can also erase data from the writing software used for recording. For details on the erasing method, please contact the software maker or computer maker as the method differs depending on the writing software you are using.

Cannot write to CD-R and CD-RW.

First of all, please check whether the device you are using operates normally by the following method.

(1) When the OS is Windows XP:
Data can be written by enabling the CD writing function on the personal computer.
Operation method: Click “My Computer”, right-click the CD drive and you will find “Properties”. Click here and click “Burn” to see the “Enable CD Burning” checkbox. If this is not checked, check it and click “OK”.
-> By enabling CD writing, you can enable the writing function of Windows XP and it will be in a writable state.

(2) When the OS is Windows Vista:
Operation method: Double-click the drive in which the disc is inserted to display the format screen. Click “Show format options” and then select the format format. Select and perform the format. If you select the live file format, it will take less than 20 to 30 minutes, but if you select the master format, you can drag copy immediately after selecting it.

When I look at the properties in My Computer in Windows, the CD-R / CD-RW is not displayed as the correct used area.

A CD-R / CD-RW disc with nothing recorded on it is in an unformatted state when it is first inserted into a computer, so if you check it from the properties of Explorer, the correct capacity will not be displayed. This is a Windows specification, not a malfunction. By checking the capacity with writing software etc. ready for writing, you can check the normal usable area and free area.

Music recorded on a CD-R / CD-RW can be played on a personal computer, but not on a car audio or player.

If it can be played on a computer that has recorded music, it is possible that the music is recorded in a format that is not compatible with playback on a CD player.
In the case of a music CD, the format is CD-DA, and even when recording music on a CD-R, it cannot be played on a CD player unless it is recorded in the format of CD-DA.
However, if you record music in a format different from CD-DA, such as MP3 or WMA, you can only play it if your CD player supports playback in these formats. Please check the settings when recording music on a CD-R.

Music recorded on a CD-R / CD-RW cannot be played on a music CD player.

A music CD player is originally a device dedicated to playing music CDs, and in order to play a CD-R / CD-RW disc that records music in the CD-DA format, the music CD player side must use the CD-R / CD-RW disc. (However, older releases may not support playback of CD-R / CD-RW discs). Even if it is supported, playback may not be possible due to problems with the recording characteristics of the CD disc or problems with the playback device to be read.
Also, when recording a CD-R / CD-RW disc, if the recording is not performed while the “disc close” operation is also performed, playback on a playback device will not be possible. Need attention.

The CD-RW recorded on the personal computer cannot be played on the car stereo of the car.

It is presumed that the car stereo does not support CD-RW.
In general, there are many cases where car stereos can only play music CD-ROMs.
Check the specifications to see if the car stereo is compatible with CD-RW.

I’m using the CD-R Hirobiro label, but I can’t print to the inner circumference.

The print range on the label side is set by the personal computer. Please check the print range setting of your computer.