How can I record data on an unused DVD ± R or DVD ± RW on my computer?

DVD ± R and DVD ± RW are recording media that are not supported by the OS, so it is necessary to use writing software and record the data using the recording method of that software.
The type of writing software and how to use it differ depending on the computer manufacturer and model, so please check the instruction manual or contact the computer manufacturer.

Can I copy a commercially available DVD video?

Most DVD-Videos on the market are copy-protected.
Therefore, copy-protected DVD videos cannot be copied. Also, removing the copy protection and copying it is a violation of copyright law.

A disc claims it supports 8x recording record 8 times longer?

There is no relationship between the notation such as 8x recording support and the recordable time.
The recordable time of a recordable DVD is determined by the transfer rate. Switching the recording mode of the DVD recorder can be changed by setting the DVD recorder. Generally, you can record 120 minutes on a 4.7GB DVD in standard (SP) mode. The notation such as 8x recording support is the dubbing speed from the hard disk to the DVD, not the recordable time.

Does high speed dubbing to DVD result in poor image quality?

When dubbing the video recorded on the hard disk to a DVD with a DVD recorder or a personal computer at high speed, the data recorded on the hard disk is copied to the DVD as it is, so the image quality will not deteriorate. This is because the drive of the device checks the information of the DVD to be recorded and records it under the optimum conditions for that DVD, so even high-speed recording can be dubbed without problems.

Does the device that can be used differ depending on the type of DVD?

The types of recordable DVDs that can be used are limited depending on the type of DVD recorder or DVD drive device.
In particular, it should be noted that there are many devices that can use only one of DVD-RAM and DVD-RW, DVD-RW and DVD + RW (recently, devices that can use all recordable DVDs are also on sale).

In addition, there are some devices that can use DVD-R but cannot use CPRM compatible DVD-R. In addition, a single-sided dual-layer DVD requires a device that supports recording. Regarding this point, the type of DVD that is compatible with the instruction manual of the device is specified, so please check here.