Cloth Tapes

Our rubber adhesive coated PE laminated cloth tapes are used for various applications as packing, packaging, craft work and others.


Masking/Filament reinforced Tapes

We apply adhesive which is controlled durability and adhesion to releasable cloth tapes and filament tapes. Filament tapes are reinforced longitudinal.


Butyl Tapes

The characteristics of butyl tapes are superior in waterproof, air-tightness and vibration proof, and show high adhesion to the most of adherend.


Double coated Tapes

The applications of our double-sided tapes are electronics part mounting, carpet laying, and so on by the combination of substrates and adhesive.


Metal foil tape

The applications of our metal foil tapes are related to industries of duct works, heat radiation, electric conductivity and electromagnetic shielding.


Film Tapes/others

The applications of our film tapes are masking, splicing, dicing, fixing and electrical insulation with combination of various films and adhesives.


Adhesive Tapes, Inks, Functional Films

Industrial Adhesive Tapes, Inks, Functional Films