High output high capacity secondary battery

High-output, high-capacity button-type secondary battery capable of wireless communication in consideration of safety.


Coin-type lithium secondary battery

Developed by Maxell, the Coin Type Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery has a high-rate discharge characteristic of up to 2ItA (140mA), made possible by the battery’s unique stacked electrode structure. 


CLB2032 battery unit

Maxell has developed CLB2032 battery unit that includes four control functions. This battery unit facilitates circuit design and can be installed quickly.


ML battery

This battery employs specially treated manganese dioxide for the positive material and a lithium-aluminum compound for the negative material. A specially formulated organic electrolyte is also used, yielding excellent discharge characteristics with low self-discharge.


Lithium-ion Battery (Midium-sized)

XThis page introduces Prismatic Lithium-ion Rechargeable cells. Maxell offers these cells only as battery packs, which include electronic circuits to prevent overcharge, overdischarge, etc.


Laminated lithium-ion battery

Maxell’s laminated lithium-ion battery is thin, has high output and high capacity, has excellent heat dissipation, and exhibits stable discharge performance even at high output discharge.


Rechargeable Batteries

Industrial Rechargeable Batteries