31 July 2023


Professional purification of every corner of the indoor space


The popular Japanese home appliance brand Maxell has launched the new Ozoneo Aero Plus sterilizing and deodorizing machine MXAP-DAE280. This innovative design has created temperature and humidity display functions in order to face the unpredictable climate in Hong Kong. It is suitable for any season, which can control the indoor environment all the time. Especially during the flu season, MXAP-DAE280 helps to avoid from dry throat and protect our health. MXAP-DAE280 is a professional Japanese ozone generator and uses the powerful decomposition power of ozone for disinfection and deodorization. Peculiar smell, effectively decompose bacteria and viruses in the air. In addition to bacteria and viruses floating in the air, bacteria and viruses attached to sofas and curtains can also be effectively killed, providing you with a clean, fresh, comfortable and comfortable living space.

MXAP-DAE280 has a built-in fan. By using low-concentration ozone (below 0.05ppm, it meets the international ozone environmental safety standards), bringing ozone and ions to every corner of the home, powerfully decomposing bacteria, Viruses and odors. It is equipped with 3 wind speed modes with recommended coverage 330 feet. It is suitable for various large and small spaces and places such as living room, bedroom, dining room, wardrobe, office, children’s bedroom and pet space, etc. MXAP-DAE280 is very quiet during operation. Even in the bedroom, or the space for children and pets that are more sensitive to noise, it can provide users with a quiet and antibacterial environment, allowing you to sleep peacefully under the condition of excellent air quality

MXAP-DAE280 is available in white and black. The Japanese minimalist design is especially suitable for the crowded living spaces in Hong Kong. Maxell intends to integrate the concept of fashion and simplicity into life, not only practical, but also aesthetic. You only need to wipe the electrode pads and electrode needles for cleaning. The thoughtful low-power design can save power for users, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and economical.

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*This is an approximation based on our test results. Effectiveness varies depending on surroundings and operating time.

  1. Please read all usage methods and precautions before use.
  2. This product is for external use only, please keep it out of the reach of children.
  3. Please put it in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight to damage the product structure and affect the performance.
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