About the liquid leakage compensation condition of “Voltage”

12 November 2021

Maxell Alkaline batteries “Voltage” AA, AA, AA, and AAA batteries with manufacturing code 11-2022 or later.
If the liquid leaks after observing the warnings and precautions within the recommended usage period, the battery will be replaced or the device will be repaired or replaced.

■ How to check the recommended usage period The recommended
usage period is displayed on the battery body.

Compensation details For
damages caused by liquid leakage of the target product requested by the customer, as a result of investigating the battery that leaked and the device that leaked liquid, it was judged that it does not fall under the exclusion provisions. Only if this happens, we will replace the battery or repair or replace the device.
In the case of equipment that cannot be repaired or replaced, we will assess the repair price of the part that failed due to liquid leakage of the equipment and compensate for that amount.

Contact information
If you experience any damage that may have been caused by a leak in the target product, please let us know at the following.

Maxell Co., Ltd. Customer
Service Center TEL 0570-783-137 (Navi Dial)
Reception hours 9:30 am to 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
(every day except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. You may have to take a rest.)

Exclusion rules If any of the
following reasons apply, we will not be eligible for liquid leakage compensation.
・ Damage not caused by liquid leakage of the target product ・ Damage caused by liquid leakage after the
recommended usage period stated on the battery body
・ Customer’s usage error (precautions written on the battery body and package) Damage caused by liquid leakage caused by (if the above is not observed)
・ Liquid of the target product such as secondary damage caused by damage caused by liquid leakage of the target product and loss of profits gained Ancillary damage caused by this
・Damage when used for purposes other than general household items
・ When it is not possible to investigate the leaked battery and the actual device that seems to have failed due to the leak.

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