CD-RW data cannot be erased.

22 November 2021

There are the following methods for erasing CD-RW data.

(1) For Windows XP: (Delete data from My Computer)
1. Double-click “My Computer” to open it.
2. Open Properties in the menu after right-clicking on the CD drive.
3. On the property screen, there is a tab for writing, so open that.
4. Make sure that the check box on the left side of “Enable CD writing on this drive” in the desktop CD writing frame is checked.
If it is checked, it will be OK and the screen will be closed. If it is not checked, check it, then select “Apply” at the bottom right and close the screen with OK.
5. Right-click the CD drive again from the My Computer display screen.
6. There is an item “Erase this CD-RW” in the menu that appears at that time, so if you select that, the CD writing wizard will start, so delete the data by executing that. Can be done.

(2) For Windows Vista:
1. Insert the CD disc to erase the data into the computer and wait until the recognition operation is completed.
2. The screen automatically displayed from the personal computer after recognition is closed.
3. Click the start button at the bottom left.
4. Click “Computer” in the displayed items.
5. Right-click the icon of the drive containing the CD disc and select “Erase this disc”. → The Burn Wizard will appear and you are ready to erase the disc.
6. Select “Next” and wait until the erasing process is completed.
7. If the erasure is completed correctly, select “Finish” to complete the erasure work.

(3) Erasing
data from writing software You can also erase data from the writing software used for recording. For details on the erasing method, please contact the software maker or computer maker as the method differs depending on the writing software you are using.

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