How many minutes of music or video can be recorded on a CD-R / -RW?

22 November 2021

Music CD-R / RW discs currently on the market are labeled “80min, 74min”. In the case of the CD-DA format, respectively, it is possible to record about 80 minutes and 74 minutes of music (including the total playing time of the song and the silent part between the songs).
Also, when recording a video on a data CD-R / RW, it depends on the bit rate, but as a guide, if it is in MPEG1 format, it can be recorded with almost the same length as a music CD. DVD-quality video recorded in MPEG2 format can be recorded at 700MB for about 11 minutes and at 650MB for about 10 minutes. The MPEG1 format can be played with the Windows Media Player that comes standard with Windows, but the MPEG2 format currently requires dedicated playback software.

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