I haven’t used the device for a while, so when I took out the battery and stored it in the drawer of the desk, the battery was swollen. What can be considered?

12 November 2021

Button-type batteries have a structure in which the distance between the positive and negative poles of the battery seal is extremely narrow. Therefore, when the button-type battery is stored together with a metal necklace, hairpin, etc., or when multiple button-type batteries are stored in a stacked state, the metal comes into contact with the positive and negative poles of the button-type battery. Due to a short circuit, gas may be generated inside the battery and the battery may swell. Do not use swelling batteries, and insulate the (+) and (-) poles of each battery with insulating tape, and use the “button battery collection can” installed in your local electronics store, watch store, camera store, etc. Please put it in.
When storing button-type batteries removed from the device, it is recommended to store them individually in a small plastic bag to prevent short circuits.

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