⚠︎ Important: Confirmation before use / Precautions for use (pregnant / metal in the body)

28 October 2021

⚠︎ Important: Those who need consultation with a doctor regarding use

If you are pregnant or have any of the following, please consult your doctor in advance regarding use.
(1) People with acute illness
(2) People with malignant tumors
(3) People with infectious disease
(4) People during pregnancy, menstruation, and immediately after childbirth
(5) People with heart problems
(6) People with fever
(7) People with anemia
(8) People with abnormal skin (infectious diseases, wounds, etc.) at the application site
(9) People with abnormal blood pressure
(10) People who need rest When you are not feeling significantly
(11) People with acute or painful diseases such as spinal fractures, sprains and strains
(12) People with sensory impairment due to severe peripheral circulatory disorders such as diabetes
(13) ) People who are undergoing cosmetic surgery or breast augmentation surgery
(14) People who have physical abnormalities other than the above

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