Is it a malfunction? If you think (weak stimulation / warning sound / remote control operation)

28 October 2021

We will answer the suspected failure symptoms as follows.

There is a possibility that the irritation is no longer felt due to a defect in the electrode part (disconnection, discoloration of the electrode part).
Please contact the Customer Support Center .

Skin may not be detected. Make sure it is in close contact with your skin.

The controller and remote control are paired, but they may be unpaired.
To reconnect the remote control and controller,
(1) press and hold
the power button on the controller to turn on the power . (2) As soon as the power button on the controller lights up and you hear a beep, the “-” part of the controller Press
3 times in a row as soon as possible (3) Switch to a fast continuous sound with “Pip Pip Pip”, and when the power button starts blinking quickly, press the OFF button on the remote control
(4) Of the power button on the controller If the blinking disappears, the connection setting is complete.

If you do not use it for a long time, it may become over-discharged and you may not be able to charge it.
Even if you do not use it, we recommend that you charge it once every three months.

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