The alkaline battery “Voltage” compensates for liquid leakage. What does this mean?

2 November 2021

When we investigate the leaked battery and the device where the leak occurred for the damage caused by the leak of the target product requested by the customer, and if it is judged that the exclusion rule does not apply. As long as the battery is replaced, or the equipment is repaired or replaced.
In the case of equipment that cannot be repaired or replaced, we will assess the repair price of the part that failed due to liquid leakage of the equipment and compensate for that amount.
The target is the following types of alkaline batteries “Voltage”.

AA (LR6) and AAA (LR03): Products with indications after the recommended usage period “12-2013” (December 2013)
AAA (LR20) and AAA (LR14): Recommended Products with indications after the deadline “08-2016” (August 2016)

Please refer to the following for details on the liquid leakage compensation conditions for alkaline batteries “Voltage”.
-> About the liquid leakage compensation condition of “Voltage”

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