There is something like white powder on the batteries and equipment. What is this?

2 November 2021

The alkaline liquid contained in the alkaline batteries leaks out and reacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to crystallize.
When removing the leaked battery from the device, take it out so that it does not adhere to the skin or clothes, wrap the battery in a tissue, put it in a plastic bag, etc., and then dispose of it according to the instructions of the municipality where you live. Also, wipe off the alkaline liquid crystals adhering to the equipment with a cotton swab or tissue moistened with water.
If the alkaline solution of the battery adheres to your skin or clothes, it may damage your skin, so wash it off with plenty of clean water such as tap water. If alkaline solution gets into your eyes, you may lose your eyesight. Immediately wash your eyes with plenty of clean water such as tap water without rubbing, and then seek medical attention.

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