What are the precautions for recording and playing back important images with peace of mind?

29 October 2021

Be careful of the handling environment of discs and recording / playback equipment, especially dust and dirt.

For example:
-Is there fingerprints or dirt on the recording surface of the disc?
-Is it used in an environment with a lot of dust, humidity, or cigarette smoke?
-It has not been several years since the recorder or player was used. You
need to be careful about the smoke. Dust and dirt are a major cause of trouble during recording and playback.

■ Trouble example 1: Dirt on the recording surface of the
disc Dirt on the disc may interfere with the irradiation of the laser beam, making it impossible to read or write.

■ Trouble example 2: If the lens is covered with
dust on the optical pickup lens, the laser beam may be weakened and reading / writing may not be possible.

■ To prevent troubles caused by dust and dirt ・ Wipe
the recording surface of the disc radially from the inner circumference to the outer circumference with a soft cloth such as a cloth for eyeglasses. Do not use record cleaners or solvents.
・ If the situation does not improve after wiping the disc, we recommend checking the recording / playback equipment. Inspect and clean the lens according to the instruction manual, or request inspection and cleaning from a service center. Please check the instruction manual before using the lens cleaner.

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