What is the calculation of the double speed displayed by double speed dubbing?

29 October 2021

Maximum XX speed dubbing time for DVD recorders is the time required for dubbing the video recorded on the hard disk in the longest mode using the fastest compatible media supported by the DVD recorder, and the high image quality. This is the ratio of the time required for dubbing while playing back the video recorded in the mode.
If you record on a 4.7GB DVD in high quality mode, you can record about 1 hour of video, so this time is the standard (1x speed). Therefore, dubbing 1 hour of video (4.7GB) to an 8x speed compatible DVD at 8x speed in high quality mode takes about 7.5 minutes (= 60/8). Dubbing while playing takes 1 hour, so in this case it will be 8x speed (= 1 x 60 ÷ 7.5) dubbing. When dubbing 8 hours of video (4.7GB) to an 8x speed compatible DVD at 8x speed in the longest mode when the longest mode is 8 hours, this also takes about 7.5 minutes. However, in this case, dubbing while playing takes 8 hours, so it means that you are dubbing at 64x speed (= 8 x 60 ÷ 7.5). In this case, the maximum speed is 64x dubbing. In addition, since the above calculation is a theoretical calculation, please refer to the instruction manual of the DVD recorder for the guideline of the actual double speed dubbing time.

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