What kind of recording mode are VR mode and video mode? What kind of recording mode is DVD + VR mode?

29 October 2021

VR mode is a video recording format.
VR mode features a variety of recording and editing functions. However, it cannot be played on most DVD players (except for some VR mode playback compatible devices). It can be used with DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, and DVD-R (when the device supports VR mode recording of DVD-R).

The video mode will be the video format. Video mode is the format used to create DVD videos and is not editable, but can be played on many DVD players. It can be used with DVD-R and DVD-RW. DVD + VR mode is a DVD + RW video recording format. DVD + VR mode combines the advantages of VR mode and video mode, and is a format that can be edited and played on a DVD player. It can be used with DVD + RW and DVD + R.

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