When I opened it to replace the battery in my watch, I found a battery called SR626W. When I went to the store, only SR626SW was sold, so I will put it in instead. Is there not a problem?

12 November 2021

Basically, replace the battery with the same product name.
The “W” in the battery product names SR ○○○ W and SR ○○○ SW indicates that the watch battery standard is satisfied.
Those without the “W” notation, such as SR44, are for general use and do not guarantee that they will meet the standards for wristwatch batteries.
The battery with the product name SR ○○○ W is a high-rate type (for heavy loads) suitable for multifunctional (digital) watches equipped with a backlight, stopwatch, alarm function, etc.
The battery with the product name SR ○○○ SW is a low-rate type (for light loads) suitable for analog clocks that move only the hands of the clock.
Inserting SW type batteries into a digital clock may cause problems such as those functions not working properly or the clock stopping. Use W-type batteries for digital and multifunctional watches, and SW-type batteries for analog watches.
For details, check the instruction manual of the device and select the specified battery.

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