Why did a disc that I could play so far suddenly become unplayable?

29 October 2021

There are several possible causes for discs that could be played so far to suddenly become unplayable.
(1) Is there any scratches, dust, dirt, or fingerprints on the recording surface?
To read the data recorded on the DVD, the recording surface is irradiated with a laser beam to read it, but if the recording surface is dirty, it cannot be played back.
In this case, cleaning the recording surface of the disc may enable playback.
(Refer to the precautions when wiping the recording surface in “How to handle DVDs”.)

(2) Is there a possibility that the lens of the device is dirty?
If the lens that passes when irradiating the recording surface with the laser beam is dirty, the power of the laser beam will be reduced and playback may not be possible.
In this case, you may be able to play it by cleaning it with a lens cleaner.
Please contact the equipment manufacturer regarding this point.

(3) Is there a label or protective sheet on the label side?
If a label or protective sheet is attached, the disc may warp or the center of gravity during rotation may change, making playback impossible.
(Please refer to the note on the label “How to use DVD”)

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