Why did the recording stop halfway?

29 October 2021

There are several possible causes for recording to stop in the middle of a DVD recorder or computer drive.
(1) Is there any scratches, dust, dirt, or fingerprints on the recording surface?
If the recording surface of the disc is dirty, recording may stop where it is dirty.

(2) Is there a possibility that the lens of the device is dirty?
If recording is suddenly interrupted on multiple DVDs in a row, recording may stop because the power of the laser beam will be reduced if the lens that passes when the laser beam is applied to the recording surface is dirty.
In this case, cleaning the disc with a lens cleaner may enable normal recording of the disc. Please contact the equipment manufacturer regarding this point.

(3) Is the firmware of the device old?
Recording errors can also occur due to outdated firmware.
The equipment manufacturer may handle the update of firmware, so please contact the equipment manufacturer regarding this point.
(Refer to the contents of the firmware in “How to use DVD”)

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