Why doesn’t it recognize the disc?

29 October 2021

There are several possible reasons why a DVD recorder or computer drive may not recognize the disc.
(1) Are you using a DVD with a different standard?
Compatible DVDs are determined for DVD recorders and PC drives (hereinafter referred to as devices), and DVDs that are not compatible with the device cannot be recognized.

(2) Are you using a DVD that does not support the speed supported by the device?
For DVD ± RW and DVD-RAM, you may not be able to use media that is faster than the writing speed supported by the device. For example, if the data writing speed to the DVD-RW is up to 2x speed, the 4x or 6x speed compatible DVD-RW cannot be used.

(3) Isn’t the front and back of the disc set upside down?
For single-sided DVDs, the label side (the side on which the disc specifications are printed or can be printed with an inkjet printer) must be set up.

(4) Is there any scratches, dust, dirt, or fingerprints on the recording surface?
To record data on a DVD or read the recorded data, the recording surface is irradiated with a laser beam to perform recording or reading, but if the recording surface is dirty, it cannot be recognized.
In this case, cleaning the recording surface of the disc may make it recognizable.
(Refer to the precautions when wiping the recording surface in “How to handle DVDs”.) (See the photo below)

(5) Is there a possibility that the lens of the device is dirty?
If multiple unused DVDs suddenly become unrecognizable, the power of the laser beam will be reduced if the lens that passes through when irradiating the recording surface with the laser beam is dirty, so it may not be recognizable.
In this case, cleaning with a lens cleaner may make it possible to recognize the disc. Please contact the equipment manufacturer regarding this point.

(6) Is the firmware of the device old?
It is also possible that the firmware is out of date and does not recognize the disc.
The equipment manufacturer may handle the update of firmware, so please contact the equipment manufacturer regarding this point.
(Refer to the contents of the firmware in “How to use DVD”)

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