Antibacterial Air Purifier

  • Extreme strong CADR up to 450m3/h, capable to purify an 500ft2 space in 17.3 minutes.
  • Air-change ability up to approx. 6 times in 330ft2 space.
  • 99.99% PM2.5 filtration.
  • 99.99% Bacteria filtration.
  • Up to 98.75% block rate against allergens.
  • Suggested usage area: 330 – 580 ft2.
  • Multi-filter adopted: HEPA x Cold-Catalyst x Active-carbon.
  • 5-Step filter: H13 HEPA + Active carbon + Cold-catalyst + Prefilter.
  • 20 millions negative ions emission per cm3
  • Built-in UV chamber
  • Air Humidifying Protection function.
  • 26dB extreme quiet operation sound.
  • Air quality real-time display.
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Product feature

High-efficiency Purification Ability
Contain five-step filtration system and dual antibacterial mechanism, which enables MXAP-HEP200 to filter and sterilize at the same time, redefine the filter function to maximize the efficiency of cleaning.

Supreme purification performance

Use the H13 grade HEPA filter, together with cold-catalyst and activated carbon filter, MXAP-HEP200 is capable to block harmful substances such as PM2.5, PM0.3, formaldehyde, bacteria and allergens from the air.

Block harmful substances
A block rate of 99.99% against PM2.5/0.3, up to 98.75% against allergen, formaldehyde CADR up to 84m3/hr.

99.99% Bacteria filtration
Extreme filtration ability against bacteria

Extreme fast ventilation ability
Capable to ventilate up to nearly 6 times per hour in a 330ft2 space.

High Clean Air Delivery Rate
up to 450m3/hr, able to purify a 500ft2 space in 17.3 minutes.

Rich features

Block harmful substancesA block rate of 99.99% against PM2.5/0.3, up to 98.75% against allergen, formaldehyde CADR up to 84m3/hr.

Contain top class filters
HEPA(H13) filter, Anti-bacterial layer, Cold-catalyst filter, Active-carbon filter and Prefilter.

20 millions of Negative-ion
Help removing bacteria from the air and prevent the growth inside the air purifier.

Built-in UV Chamber
Reduce the growth of bacteria inside the air purifier.

26dB extreme quiet operation
Suitable for use in even children bedroom.

Smart Auto mode & Timer mode

Child safety lock

Child safety lock

Air quality real-time display
*The above data are the test results obtained by certified third-party laboratories in accordance with several international and Chinese national standards.
*The cold catalyst can catalyze the decomposition of harmful gases such as formaldehyde under normal temperature conditions and convert them into water and carbon dioxide.
*The wavelength of UV unit is 365nm (UV-A grade), located behind the filter and UV light is invisible in normal usage.
*During sleep mode or 1 wind speed (unit: decibel/dB).

The Strongest Filter combination

Level 1.Prefilter *No need to change the filter unless it’s broken

  • Big particles (Dust)
  • Washable
  • Re-usable

Level 2 + 3.Cold Catalyst x Active Carbon

  • Formaldehyde CADR 84m3/hr
  • Purify 50m2 space in 100 minutes
  • Twin combo filter: Cold-catalyst (Titanium Dioxide) + Active carbon Honeycomb board
  • Can decompose harmful gases (VOC) such as formaldehyde and adsorb the source of odors.

Level 4 + 5.Antibacterial Fiber × HEPA (H13)

  • Purify 50m2 space in 18.6 minutes
  • 99% Filtration of PM2.5, PM0.3
  • 98% Filtration of bacteria
  • Twin combo filter: 0.01μm diameter Made in USA non-woven fabric layer + H13 grade HEPA filter.
  • Effectively prevent growth of bacteria on the filter.
Dual Antibacterial Mechanism

Built-in with dual ionizer which is able to generate 20 millions of negative ions per cm3, MXAP-HEP200 also include a built-in UV Chamber with a wavelength of 365nm, enable to effectively inhibit and decompose bacteria, virus and odors in the air. At the same time, it can also help reduce the growth of bacteria on the filters.

Silver-ion x Copper-ion Antiviral HEPA-H13 filter (Sold separately)

A special HEPA filter with silver ion + copper ion coating can effectively inactivate the virus, combined with the antibacterial fiber non-woven fabric layer, it can significantly reduce the reproduction of bacteria and viruses in the filter.

※The actual use effect will be different due to the actual environment and operation. The test results are for reference only.
※The test results are provided by a third-party laboratory. According to the GB/T18801-2015 and ISO18184:2019 test standards, the experimental results are based on the test conditions of the H1N1 influenza virus and the SARS-CoV-2 new coronavirus on the attached object . This experiment is not a simulation test for viruses in floating air, and the results of this experiment are not equivalent or representative of filtration or blocking efficiency, so the related risks cannot be guaranteed. Be sure to follow the instructions and guidelines of the government and various medical or medical organizations to do a good job of personal hygiene and protection to reduce the risk of disease.

Real-time Indoor Air Quality Indicator

Built-in PM2.5 sensor, contain high sensitivity and precise computing ability, it provides real-time air quality indications and displays different air quality levels in different colors. also during Auto mode, MXAP-HEP200 is able to adjusts air volume on its own by detecting the concentration of PM2.5 in the room.

Air Humidifying Protection

Rich function modes


8-Step Air Volume
Auto-Pilot mode (Auto-detect PM2.5 concentration)
Sleep mode (approx. 26dB operating sound)
Time function
Child-safety lock
Ionizer Mode (on remote control)
UV Sterilization mode (on remote control)

Save guard and attack hard

Maxell’s Ozoneo series – OZONEO AERO MXAP-AE270 use the strong oxidizing power of ozone to break down bacteria, viruses and smells. On the other hand, Anti-bacterial Air Purifier MXAP-HEP200 use high-efficiency multiple filtration systems and strong ventilation capabilities to filter the harmful impurities and bacteria in the air.




400 x 230 x 660 mm



Input power

AC 220V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

Max. 90W (Min. 10W)

Power cord length

Approx. 2m

Purification ability

CADR 450m3 /hr PM2.5 ^4
CADR 84m3 /hr Formaldehyde ^4
99.99% PM2.5 Filtration rate ^5
99.99% Bacteria removal ^4
>90% Allergen block rate^7
>99% Virus inactivation ^8


HEPA Filter (H13)
Antibacterial Layer
Active Carbon Filter
Cold-Catalyst Layer
(sold separately) Silver/Copper ions HEPA Filter (H13)

Recommended usage area


Suggested filter replacement period

6 – 12 months

Ionizer mode

UV Sterilization mode

Sleep mode

1 – 8

Auto mode

Time mode

1 – 12 hours

Touch panel


Air humidifier

Air humidifier

✓ (CR2032 x 1

LED Display

Air Quality indicator
Air Volume intensity
Ionizer mode on/off
UV mode on/off
Filter exchange alert
Water tank empty alert

*The above effectiveness data are the test results obtained by certified third-party laboratories in accordance with several international and Chinese national standards (include but not limited to): ●EN1822-1:2019 7.1 European Standard of High efficiency air filters (EPA, HEPA and ULPA). ●GB/T 18801-2015 Air Cleaner. ●GB 21551.3-2010 Antibacterial and cleaning function for house hold and similar electrical appliances-Particular requirements of air cleaner. ●ANSI/AHAM AC-1-2020 Method for Measuring Performance of Portable Household Electric Room Air Cleaners. ●T/GIEHA 009-2018 The ethod for removing allergens of air cleaner. ●QB/T 4982-2016 Negative ion generator for household and similar electrical appliances. ●GB/T 4214.1-2017 The method of noise of house hold and similar electrical appliances-general requirements. ●ISO18184:2019 Textiles Determination of antiviral. ●RoHS Directive (EU)2015/863 amending Annex II to Directive 2011/65/EU. ●CE-EMC/LVD (EN55014-1:2017/IEC61000-3-2:2019+A1:2019/IEC60335-1/60335-2). ●CB (IEC 60335-2-65:2002/60335-2-98:2002/60335-1:2010).

  • Effectiveness may vary depending on the use environment and use time such as temperature and humidity.
  • Not guaranteed to be effective against all kind of bacteria, viruses and harmful gases.
  • The product name, logo and trademark copyright belong to Maxell or related companies.
  • Illustrations and images in this catalog may be different from the actual products.
  • Product specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.
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