Coin Type Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery (CR)


Made in Japan.


Extreme stable discharge characteristics through low internal resistance and high operating voltage.


High 3 Volt energy density, high rate discharge performance.


Superior leakage resistance and excellent storage characteristics.


Optimum for various applications such as electronic meters, remote controls, PC memory and RTC backups...etc.



Cautions of lithium coin battery:

– The shown packaging design(s) is/are available in APAC region, middle east and Africa, may differ in other countries and regions.

– Do not recharge, disassemble, short, heat above 212 °F (100℃), or incinerate.

– Risk of generating heat and fire if miused. Do not dispose of in fire.

– Keep battery out of reach of children and in original package until ready to use.

– Swallowing can lead to chemical burns, perforation of soft tissue, and death. Severe burns can occur within 2 hours of ingestion.

– If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.

– Dispose of used battery promptly in accordance with the respective country/regional recycling law.

Line up

ModelBattery dimensionNominal VoltagePackagingCountry of origin
CR2032H203.23V1pc pack / 5pcs packJapan
CR2032203.23V1pc pack / 5pcs packJapan
CR2025202.53V1pc pack / 5pcs packJapan
CR2016201.63V1pc pack / 5pcs packJapan
CR1632163.23V1pc pack / 5pcs packJapan
CR1620162.03V1pc pack / 5pcs packJapan
CR1616161.63V1pc pack / 5pcs packJapan
CR122012.52.03V1pc pack / 5pcs packJapan
CR121612.51.63V1pc pack / 5pcs packJapan

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