The Maxell official website has been upgraded!

22 November 2021


We officially announced that the Maxell official website has been newly designed and updated on November 24, 2021. The purpose is to make the website faster, the content updated regularly and the classification is clearer, so as to easily solve the personal needs of the guests.

This new website Added richer content: including providing four languages (Traditional, Simplified, English and Thai) to facilitate different customers to find product information and receive new information; update new product information regularly to make Guests will not miss the new products; increase the FAQ of frequently asked questions, and immediately solve the current questions and so on. Enhance the guest’s browsing experience and make it easier and faster for different types of guests to use the newly designed and easy-to-use pages.

Finally, we will update the latest information, product news and events through different channels (Facebook, Instagram and web pages) from time to time to provide customers with timely information!


Maxell is a multinational company founded in 1960 with wide product range including batteries, storage devices, computer tapes and electronic components. Moreover, Maxell also produces home appliances for health and beauty care, including razors, facials, water machines and air purifiers. By utilizing its more than 50 years of experience of developing unique technologies, Maxell has been started delivering health and beauty care appliances on its own brand since 2017, aim to bring a better life experience to people through its high-quality products. 

As per maxell’s business philosophy “Supporting Smart Life, Relaxing and Motivating Around People”, we will continuously expand product development and lineup to support people with comfortable living. 



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