What is Ozoneo Technology?

The following is the instructions to ozoneo technology for hygiene management


What is OZONEO AERO Technology ?

The OZONEO AERO technology is to decompose bacteria, virus and odor fundamentally with the strong oxidizability of ozone, making the space hygienic.
The air flow from the fan mounted make ozone generated through discharge diffused in the room.
When atmospheric oxygen reacts to ultraviolet ray or high voltage, ozone is generated.
The unstable ozone molecule comes into contact with organic bacteria or odors.
When an unstable ozone molecule comes into contact with bacteria or odors, the strong oxidizability decomposes and eliminates bacteria or odors.
Ozone returns to oxygen after reacting. No harmful residue remains.
# Ozoneo Aero Technology produces ozone by electric discharge.
# Schematic diagram

What is Ozoneo Aqua Technology ?

OZONEO AQUA technology supports hygiene management with ozone water dissolved with ozone with strong oxidizability.

Ozone water is a kind of functional water dissolved with ozone (O3). It generates oxygen and water after reacting with bacteria and viruses under oxidation. Generally, different with agent anti bacterial, there is no residue and no burden on the environment. It has the functions of anti bacterial and deodorization through oxidation, and can also inhibit antimicrobial resistance (AMR) ※1 production which has become a topic in recent years.

In addition, ozone can also be used as a food additive ※2. Food cleaning substance. In urban water purification plants, in addition to using ozone for high purification treatment of water, ozone treatment equipment has been used for the sewage treatment in some areas. Ozone has become an indispensable substance in our solid life infrastructure.

※1 Antimicrobial resistance (AMR): Have bacteria (Antimicrobial resistance) which is resistant to agents, particularly antibiotics.

※2 Food additives: An existing additive in Japan.

  • When using an agent
  • When using ozone water
# Schematic diagram