What is Ozone?

The following is the instructions to ozone with strong oxidizability.


Mechanism of action of ozone

As Ozone has strong oxidizabilityit can decompose baterica, virus, and odor fundamentally.

※ We cannot guarantee that it is effective to all bacteria, viruses and odor.

Molecular formula of ozone

* Ozone comes from the Greek word “ozon”, which means “to smell”.

  • Ozone is a【gas
  • Ozone  is second only to fluorine in its oxidizability.

Ozone exists all around us

Ozone has been widely used in various fields

Daily application scenarios

  • Cleaning and anti bacterial of vegetable cutting in supermarkets, etc..
  • Deodorization of hotel rooms
  • Anti bacterial and deodorization of medical institutions and care facilities
  • Oral disinfection in dental treatment
  • Deodorization of shop (cooking) exhausts
  • Deodorization of taxis
  • Deodorization of racks in transport trucks
  • High purification of tap water
    (In some countries e,g, Japan, It is common to use Ozone to purify tap water)
  • It is also used in other multiple scenarios