How often should we clean the electrode plate?

It depends on the condition of the room, but we recommend regular maintenance (about once or twice a month) for comfortable use.
Please refer to the instruction manual of each product for detailed maintenance methods. The instruction manual can be downloaded from the download site on each product page.

Can it be used with an air purifier?

Can be used together. When using it together, we recommend that you use it away from the air purifier.

Can it be used in the refrigerator?

Please avoid to use it in the refrigerator as it may cause a malfunction.

Can it be used in a car?

Please use within the recommended applicable range for each product. Please check each product page for the recommended scope of application.


Face Shaver: Where can I use it?

Face (eyebrows, hitai, cheeks, chin, around the nose), hair ridges, collars, arms, legs, fingers
*Do not use on hair or armpits .

Face Shaver: When do you use Mayu Comb?

The eyebrow comb is used to cut the eyebrows to the same length.
You can choose short (about 2 mm) and long (about 4 mm) as you like.

Face shaver: What batteries do you use?

It is one AAA type.

Face Shaver: What are the features?

With a 15mm head blade, you can quickly clean eyebrows and eyebrows.
With an eyebrows comb that allows you to choose between two heights, you can easily adjust the length to your liking.
The compact size fits in the pouch, making it convenient to carry.

Face Shaver: How long does the battery last?

If you use it twice a week for about 5 minutes a day, it will take about 1 month. * When using alkaline batteries voltage.
The number of times of use may decrease depending on the conditions of use such as hair thickness, force applied to the skin, care method, and ambient temperature.

Face shaver: Do you have any accessories?

Comes with a cleaning brush and eyebrows comb.

Face shaver: Can the top part of face shaver be washed with water?

It is not waterproof and cannot be washed with water.
Clean the lint on the blade and body with the included cleaning brush.

Face shaver: Can the blade be replaced?

Can be exchanged. The standard for replacement is about one and a half years.
*If you use it twice a week for about 5 minutes a day for maintenance.
Spare blades can be purchased online at Maxell.

Face Shaver: Can I use it with shaving cream or soap?

Please refrain from shaving cream or soap as it is not waterproof.

Face shaver: Can I use it after applying makeup (foundation)?

Please refrain from using it over the foundation.
If it adheres to the blade, it may affect the performance or cause a malfunction.

Face shaver: Are batteries included?

Batteries are not included. Sold separately. We recommend Maxell batteries.

Eyelash curlers: What is the difference between MXEL-200 and MXEL-100?

The method of curling the eyelashes is different. MXEL-200 puts eyelashes on it like an eyelash curler.
MXEL-100 uses a comb with a heater to push up and squeeze the eyelashes. Please choose the type that is easy to use.

Eyelash curlers: What batteries do you use?

MXEL-200: 2 pieces AAA batteries
MXEL-100: 1 piece AAA battery

Eyelash curlers: What are the features?

・Holds the eyelashes firmly and keeps the curl for a long time.
・It can be prepared quickly in about 10 seconds, and it is easy to use with one touch.
・With a lamp around the eyes, it is convenient even in dimly lit places.
・It is also used as an energizing lamp to notify you of forgetting to switch off the power supply or battery life.

・A 3-step comb that integrates the main heater, point heater, and lump removal comb for gorgeous eyes. 
・With an appropriate temperature mark that shows how to use it. (It’s easy to use when it changes from purple to pink.)
・The compact size that fits in the pouch makes it convenient to carry.

Eyelash curlers: I have eyelash extensions, can I use them?

Please refrain from doing this. As it may damage your eyes due to deformation or deterioration of the adhesive.

Eyelash curlers: How long does it take to preheat after turning on the power until it becomes usable?

MXEL-200: Approximately 10 seconds.
MXEL-100: It takes about 1 to 2 minutes. It can be used when the optimum temperature mark changes from purple to pink.

Eyelash curlers: How long does the battery last?

MXEL-200: When used once a day for about 2 minutes, it takes about 4 weeks.
MXEL-100: When used once a day for about 3 minutes, it takes about 2 weeks.
*When using alkaline batteries and an ambient temperature of 25 ℃. Depending on the usage conditions such as low ambient temperature, the number of uses may decrease.

Eyelash curlers: Do you have any accessories?

MXEL-200: None
MXEL-100: Cleaning brush

Eyelash curlers: Can the top part of eyelash curler be washed with water?

It is not waterproof and cannot be washed with water.
MXEL-200: Lightly wipe off dirt on the top part of eyelash curler such as mascara with a damp tissue.
MXEL-100: Use the included cleaning brush to remove dirt such as mascara from the top part of eyelash curler.

Eyelash curlers: Can I use it overseas?

It can also be used overseas.
However, please note that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover overseas use.

Eyelash curlers: Can I use it after applying mascara?

No problem.

Eyelash curlers: Can I replace the heating pad? (MXEL-200 only)

It cannot be exchanged. (Not handled as a maintenance part)

Eyelash curlers: Are batteries included?

Batteries are not included. It sells separately. We recommend Maxell batteries.

Health Care

How many times a day can I use it?

It can be used twice a day per location.
If you use it in the same place, wait about 1 hour before using it as it may cause muscle fatigue.
Should you experience any abnormalities on your body or skin, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.

Can I use it anywhere in my body?

Do not use near the heart, head, face, eyes, neck or genital area.
It may cause an accident or poor physical condition.

⚠︎ Important: Confirmation before use / Precautions for use (pregnant / metal in the body)

⚠︎ Important: Those who need consultation with a doctor regarding use

If you are pregnant or have any of the following, please consult your doctor in advance regarding use.
(1) People with acute illness
(2) People with malignant tumors
(3) People with infectious disease
(4) People during pregnancy, menstruation, and immediately after childbirth
(5) People with heart problems
(6) People with fever
(7) People with anemia
(8) People with abnormal skin (infectious diseases, wounds, etc.) at the application site
(9) People with abnormal blood pressure
(10) People who need rest When you are not feeling significantly
(11) People with acute or painful diseases such as spinal fractures, sprains and strains
(12) People with sensory impairment due to severe peripheral circulatory disorders such as diabetes
(13) ) People who are undergoing cosmetic surgery or breast augmentation surgery
(14) People who have physical abnormalities other than the above

Headphones / Earphones

I bought NXH-C110R tape measure type headphones, but I can’t fit in my ears.

At the time of shipment, the left and right cords are left as one, so please pull the cords by hand to the desired length before use.

Do you sell accessories such as earpieces and charging cables?

We sell earpieces and charging cables.

Can it be used by inserting it into the earphone jack of a monaural radio?

Sound can only be output from one side.
Also, if you use a conversion plug, it is possible to output sound from both ears, but it will only be output in monaural sound.

Recording media

I can’t write data to a CD on my computer.

The drive installed in the personal computer may be a drive that cannot write data (read-only CD-ROM drive). Please check your environment.

I can record data on a CD-R or CD-RW with a personal computer, but why can’t I record data on a DVD-RAM?

In the case of Windows XP, it is possible to enable CD writing, and data cannot be recorded on DVD-RAM unless CD writing is disabled.
Right-click the DVD drive, click Properties, open the Burn tab and there is a checkbox to enable CD burning. If this check box is checked, data cannot be written to DVD-RAM, so uncheck it.

How much capacity can be recorded on a DVD

The capacity of a general recordable DVD is 4.7GB on one side. The double-sided version is twice that, 9.4GB. However, it is not possible to record data of 4.7GB or more on both sides at once, so in that case, it is necessary to divide it into capacities of 4.7GB or less, record on one side, then turn the disk over and record on the other side. there is.
Some DVD-Rs and DVD + Rs have a capacity of 8.5GB on one side, which enables single-sided dual-layer recording.

How many minutes of music or video can be recorded on a CD-R / -RW?

Music CD-R / RW discs currently on the market are labeled “80min, 74min”. In the case of the CD-DA format, respectively, it is possible to record about 80 minutes and 74 minutes of music (including the total playing time of the song and the silent part between the songs).
Also, when recording a video on a data CD-R / RW, it depends on the bit rate, but as a guide, if it is in MPEG1 format, it can be recorded with almost the same length as a music CD. DVD-quality video recorded in MPEG2 format can be recorded at 700MB for about 11 minutes and at 650MB for about 10 minutes. The MPEG1 format can be played with the Windows Media Player that comes standard with Windows, but the MPEG2 format currently requires dedicated playback software.

How many minutes can a DVD record?

A single-sided 4.7GB DVD takes about 2 hours in standard (SP) mode.
The 8.5GB single-sided dual-layer recording type takes about 3.6 hours in standard (SP) mode.
The time that can be recorded varies depending on the content of the video. If the video has a lot of movement, it will take a lot of space, so the recording time will be shorter. Also, in the case of general high image quality mode, it takes about 1 hour with 4.7GB on one side, and in the case of long time mode, it takes about 6 hours or more. Regarding this point, please refer to the instruction manual of the DVD recorder for the recording mode and recordable time.

How long is the life of a CD-R / -RW?

According to our accelerated test, it has a life of about 30 years (this is just an estimated life in the accelerated test, not a guaranteed value).
In addition, the life of the disc may be affected by the storage condition and handling of the disc, so store it in a normal indoor environment. Avoid storing in direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity, or places with drastic temperature changes, and store in a case when not in use to prevent scratches and dirt from adhering to the recording surface of the disc.

How do I successfully remove the disc from the plastic case?

(1) Open the case lid and support both ends of the case with one hand. [Photo (1)]
(2) With your other hand, press the case holder that is the center of the disc. [Photo (2)]
(3) Push down the center of the case so that it bends in a bow shape, and remove the holding part of the case from the disc. [Photo (3)]

How can I record data on an unused DVD ± R or DVD ± RW on my computer?

DVD ± R and DVD ± RW are recording media that are not supported by the OS, so it is necessary to use writing software and record the data using the recording method of that software.
The type of writing software and how to use it differ depending on the computer manufacturer and model, so please check the instruction manual or contact the computer manufacturer.

Does the sound quality of a CD change depending on the capacity (650MB and 700MB)?

The recording characteristics of the disc are the same, and since it is basically digital recording, there is no change in sound quality.

Does the device that can be used differ depending on the type of DVD?

The types of recordable DVDs that can be used are limited depending on the type of DVD recorder or DVD drive device.
In particular, it should be noted that there are many devices that can use only one of DVD-RAM and DVD-RW, DVD-RW and DVD + RW (recently, devices that can use all recordable DVDs are also on sale).

In addition, there are some devices that can use DVD-R but cannot use CPRM compatible DVD-R. In addition, a single-sided dual-layer DVD requires a device that supports recording. Regarding this point, the type of DVD that is compatible with the instruction manual of the device is specified, so please check here.

Does high speed dubbing to DVD result in poor image quality?

When dubbing the video recorded on the hard disk to a DVD with a DVD recorder or a personal computer at high speed, the data recorded on the hard disk is copied to the DVD as it is, so the image quality will not deteriorate. This is because the drive of the device checks the information of the DVD to be recorded and records it under the optimum conditions for that DVD, so even high-speed recording can be dubbed without problems.

Do you have a DVD with a cartridge?

There are two types of DVD-RAM, one with a cartridge and the other without a cartridge (disc only).
It is possible to take out the disc and use it even if it comes in a cartridge. No other recordable DVD comes in a cartridge.

Compressed music data such as MP3 cannot be played on car audio or CD players.

If the car audio does not support compressed files such as MP3, it may not be possible to play it.
Since the compressed music data is recognized as normal data, it cannot be recognized as music data by a player or the like.
Please check the specifications of the car stereo and player to see if they are compatible with compressed files.

CD-RW data cannot be overwritten or partially erased.

(1) For Windows XP:
Overwriting or partial erasing of data once written on the disk side cannot be supported on the disk. Therefore, if it is displayed as read-only, it cannot be overwritten and all CD-RW discs will be in the same state.
If you want to overwrite and save, you can do it by the following method.
1. Copy the recorded data to the main body of the personal computer and save it by overwriting. After that, the method of additional recording on the CD-RW disc side again. → In that case, if the file name of the previously recorded data is the same, only the added recorded data will be displayed, and the added data will be used for the capacity.
2. Copy the recorded data to the main body of the personal computer and save it by overwriting. After that, all the recorded data on the disk side is erased once, and the overwritten and saved data is rewritten and recorded.
→ Erasing all the data recorded on a CD and writing the data to the CD disc again is called rewriting work, and this writing method is possible for CD-RW discs.

(2) For Windows Vista:
It is possible to select the format before recording, and if the disc is formatted in the live file format, it can be overwritten and saved on the disc.

CD-RW data cannot be erased.

There are the following methods for erasing CD-RW data.

(1) For Windows XP: (Delete data from My Computer)
1. Double-click “My Computer” to open it.
2. Open Properties in the menu after right-clicking on the CD drive.
3. On the property screen, there is a tab for writing, so open that.
4. Make sure that the check box on the left side of “Enable CD writing on this drive” in the desktop CD writing frame is checked.
If it is checked, it will be OK and the screen will be closed. If it is not checked, check it, then select “Apply” at the bottom right and close the screen with OK.
5. Right-click the CD drive again from the My Computer display screen.
6. There is an item “Erase this CD-RW” in the menu that appears at that time, so if you select that, the CD writing wizard will start, so delete the data by executing that. Can be done.

(2) For Windows Vista:
1. Insert the CD disc to erase the data into the computer and wait until the recognition operation is completed.
2. The screen automatically displayed from the personal computer after recognition is closed.
3. Click the start button at the bottom left.
4. Click “Computer” in the displayed items.
5. Right-click the icon of the drive containing the CD disc and select “Erase this disc”. → The Burn Wizard will appear and you are ready to erase the disc.
6. Select “Next” and wait until the erasing process is completed.
7. If the erasure is completed correctly, select “Finish” to complete the erasure work.

(3) Erasing
data from writing software You can also erase data from the writing software used for recording. For details on the erasing method, please contact the software maker or computer maker as the method differs depending on the writing software you are using.

Cannot write to CD-R and CD-RW.

First of all, please check whether the device you are using operates normally by the following method.

(1) When the OS is Windows XP:
Data can be written by enabling the CD writing function on the personal computer.
Operation method: Click “My Computer”, right-click the CD drive and you will find “Properties”. Click here and click “Burn” to see the “Enable CD Burning” checkbox. If this is not checked, check it and click “OK”.
→ By enabling CD writing, you can enable the writing function of Windows XP and it will be in a writable state.

(2) When the OS is Windows Vista:
Operation method: Double-click the drive in which the disc is inserted to display the format screen. Click “Show format options” and then select the format format. Select and perform the format. If you select the live file format, it will take less than 20 to 30 minutes, but if you select the master format, you can drag copy immediately after selecting it.

Can I write on it?

Please use an oil-based felt-tip pen with a soft nib to write only on the label side.
Regarding how to distinguish between the label side and the recording side, the recording side is a plain mirror surface, and the label side is designed with capacity notation and manufacturer name. In the case of an inkjet printer compatible disc (printable) type, you can also write with a water-based felt-tip pen.
(Since both sides of the double-sided disc are on the recording side, do not write with a pen, etc.)

Can I print with an inkjet printer?

Recordable DVDs with a description such as “Inkjet printer compatible” can be printed by using a printer that has a function to print directly on the label side of the disc.
For print settings and compatible printers, please check the instruction manual of the printer or contact the printer manufacturer.

Can I copy a commercially available DVD video?

Most DVD-Videos on the market are copy-protected.
Therefore, copy-protected DVD videos cannot be copied. Also, removing the copy protection and copying it is a violation of copyright law.

A disc claims it supports 8x recording record 8 times longer?

There is no relationship between the notation such as 8x recording support and the recordable time.
The recordable time of a recordable DVD is determined by the transfer rate. Switching the recording mode of the DVD recorder can be changed by setting the DVD recorder. Generally, you can record 120 minutes on a 4.7GB DVD in standard (SP) mode. The notation such as 8x recording support is the dubbing speed from the hard disk to the DVD, not the recordable time.

“The function is wrong” is displayed and data cannot be written.

If your computer’s OS is Windows XP, CD writing may not be enabled.
If the CD burning function is not enabled, “Function is wrong” is displayed. Please enable the CD writing function in your computer settings.

■ WinXP CD Burning Function Settings
Open “My Computer” → Right-click the CD drive → Click “Properties” → Click the “Burn” tab → Check the “Enable CD Burning” checkbox and click ” Click “OK”.
By enabling CD writing, you can enable the writing function of Windows XP, so you can recognize the CD-R on your computer.


When I put the batteries in my poket or bag, the batteries get hot. What is the cause?

If a metal necklace, hairpin, key chain, etc. is included with the battery, if the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are connected by metal for some reason, the battery will short-circuit and the temperature will rise to nearly 100 ° C. When it gets hot, take out the batteries immediately to avoid burns, cool them, put them in a plastic bag, etc., and dispose of them according to the instructions of your municipality.
To prevent short circuits during storage, we recommend that you bring unused batteries without removing the film at the time of purchase, or put them in a small plastic bag and store them alone.

How long will it last in the device?

How long you can put it in the device depends on the current consumption of the device, so please check the instruction manual of the device or contact the device manufacturer.

Do alkaline batteries and manganese batteries contain mercury?

Mercury is not used in our alkaline batteries and manganese batteries.

CR2032 and CR2025 look very similar, are they compatible?

The numbers 2032 and 2025 represent the size of the battery, the left two digits represent the outer diameter of the battery and the right two digits represent the thickness. If this number is not the same, the battery will not fit in the device, or even if it does, problems such as poor contact will occur, so there is no compatibility.

Can you tell me how to dispose of the coin-shaped CR battery? (For general users who are not businesses)

Insulate the terminals with tape, etc., and dispose of them according to the instructions of your municipality.
Used coin-shaped CR batteries can basically be disposed of as “non-burnable garbage”. However, some local governments carry out separate collection based on their own judgment, so please follow the instructions of each municipality regarding the disposal method.

For the correct disposal method of batteries, please refer to the contents related to button battery collection by the Battery Association of Japan.

Can you tell me how to dispose of coin cell batteries? (For general users who are not businesses)

Mixing this battery with other batteries or metal ones can cause the battery to short-circuit, deform, leak, overheat, or explode.
Insulate the (+) and (-) poles of each battery with insulating tape, and put them in the “button battery collection can” provided at your local electronics store, watch store, camera store, etc.

For the correct disposal method of batteries, please refer to the contents related to button battery collection by the Battery Association of Japan.

Can I buy a battery with a CR2032 terminal?

Batteries with welded terminals are sold only to equipment manufacturers as parts for incorporation into equipment and are not commercially available. Please contact the manufacturer of the device that contained the battery.

Are the batteries with different numbers different?

The number on the battery represents the size of the battery. It is not compatible because the size changes when the number changes. Please purchase batteries with the same number.
In addition, the model notation may differ for batteries made overseas. Please refer to the following for more information.

→ Model numbers and correspondence tables for button-type and coin-type batteries from each company


Are BR batteries and CR batteries compatible?

Both BR and CR batteries are 3V batteries. Generally, it is a compatible battery system, so if the numbers (size) are the same, you can use it.

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