Angelique Mini straight and curler hair styler MXHI-100

22 November 2021


I believe everyone knows that the weather in Hong Kong is very humid, especially on rainy days, and the clipped hair will quickly return to the original shape. If there is a portable hair clipper that can fix the hair anytime and anywhere, it would be great! Maxell launched a limited series of fresh pink USB portable hair clipper MXHI-100 this summer, it seems to attract a rush to buy!

The functionality and practicability of Maxell’s household products have always been beyond doubt. This USB portable hair clipper MXHI-100 has also received a lot of praise in Japan! The biggest selling point is of course its lightweight design, which supports any USB and mobile power charging. It is the first choice for traveling. Imported from Japan, exquisite workmanship, with ceramic heating plate, not easy to burn hair. You can create straight or curly hair styles anytime, anywhere, directly connected to a computer, car or charger to use, to meet the needs of changing styles when traveling. In addition, the light and small size is also worthy of praise. The MXHI-100 made of ultra-light material is light enough and weighs only 100g. Even if the hair is completely curled, there will be no feeling of scratching or tangling hair. The appearance design of the hair clipper uses pure white and lavender in fresh pink color, which is very suitable for you who are simple.

The temperature of the USB portable hair clipper MXHI-100 ranges from 160°C to 200°C, which can be adjusted by the user. It takes about 50 seconds from 0°C to 160°C, which greatly reduces the waiting time. Curly hair, straight hair, curled ends, and airy bangs can all be done all at once, and can be adjusted to the most ideal temperature according to your own hair quality. The ceramic heating plate in it can heat up quickly and evenly distribute the temperature. In addition, the ceramic ironing plate is not easy to damage the hair, shortens the styling time, and reduces the high temperature damage to the hair.



  1. Please read all usage methods and precautions before use.
  2. This product is for external use only, please keep it out of the reach of children.
  3. Please place it in a cool and dry place to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight that can damage the product structure and affect its performance.

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