Angelique series Beauty Devices

22 November 2021


If you want to have charming eyes, eyeliner and eyeshadow alone may not be enough. Curling the eyelashes is an important step in eye makeup, and eyelash curlers are an indispensable beauty product. MAXELL strongly introduces two Angelique electric eyelash curlers specially designed for Asian eyes, which can easily create beautiful curled eyelashes and make your eyes shine. Since the curvature and width of Asian eyes are shallower than those of European and American countries, the intimate design can fit the eyes of Asians, and you can create super curled eyelashes with just one clip. Whether it is double eyelid, inner double eyelid or single eyelid, each eyelash can show a perfectly curled arc. It is definitely a boon for drooping eyelashes, come and choose an eyelash curler that suits you!

MXEL-100 Eyelash Curler

Maxell thoughtfully designed the easy-to-carry Angelique electric eyelash curler, which is small in size and does not take up space, creating a perfect curve for sagging eyelashes. The electric eyelash curler has an appropriate temperature mark, so you can easily grasp the time of use. The body is also equipped with an eyelash comb, which can open the clumps of eyelashes and make the roots of the eyelashes distinct, so that the eyes have a natural enlargement effect. It is especially suitable for you with single eyelids or short eyelashes. Even the difficult-to-clamp eyelashes and eyelashes at the end of the eye can be handled easily without worrying about the curvature or length of the eyelash curler. Not only is it convenient and easy to use, but the effect is more natural, showing round and beautiful arc eyelashes, even girls who are not good at makeup must start!

3 Steps to gorgeous eyes

MXEL-200 Eyelash Curler

Angelique electric eyelash curler uses a durable silicone pad, which allows you to curl your eyelashes naturally with just a single clip. The grip is ergonomically designed, with a unique soft and elastic silicone pad, allowing you to easily grasp the force without hurting your eyelids and eyelashes. This electric eyelash curler is designed to fit most Asian eyes. The curvature is curved and the sides are retracted. The hard-to-clamp eyelashes and eyelashes at the end of the eye can also be taken into consideration. The electric eyelash curler uses the heat of about 70°C to curl the eyelashes. Even after 8 hours, they can still be curled, making it easy to create doll-like curled eyelashes. The warm-up time is only about 10 seconds, which saves you the trouble of waiting, and you can have a pleasant mood even in the busy early morning. The body is also equipped with eye-lighting indicators, so it can be easily used even in a dark environment.

RLong-lasting curl for whole day


oKeep eyelashes dry and clean the eyelash curler regularly

Don’t let the eyelashes get oil or water, such as residual lotion or eye essence. Since oil and water are difficult to curl the eyelash curler, please keep the eyelashes dry before using the eyelash curler. In addition, if the eyelash curler gets dirty, it will affect the effect, so please clean the eyelash curler regularly.


o After each use, please wipe the dirt with facial tissue, do not wash directly with water, keep it clean.

o It is not recommended to use it after applying mascara.

o This product is for external use only, please place it where it is difficult for children to get it.

o Please put it in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight to damage the structure of the product and affect its performance.

o This product must use 2 AAA alkaline dry batteries.

In addition, Maxell has also created two trimmers for different people. There are facial trimmers and nose trimmers, which can repair personal hair anytime and anywhere to solve different needs .

Breatharkingly beautiful skin, without makeup

MXFS-100 Face Shaver

Angelique facial trimmer is specially designed for soft skin. It gently and safely shaves unwanted facial hair, such as fine hair on the lips, eyebrows or chin, and takes care of the needs of sensitive skin. The special round and skin-friendly 15mm cutter head design can shave cleanly and reduce hair damage to the skin. The electric facial trimmer is equipped with an integrated long and short hair eyebrow comb, with two lengths of 2 mm and 4 mm respectively, which can more accurately modify the shape of the eyebrows and comb the hair. Simply attach the eyebrow comb to the trimmer to achieve precise and even results. The pen-shaped design is portable and lightweight, and it can shave facial hair anytime, anywhere. The body is also equipped with a cleaning brush, allowing you to easily clean the cutter head, hygienic and tidy. MAXELL Angelique facial trimmer is definitely a perfect alternative to traditional tweezers!

MXNS-100 Nose Hair Trimmer

A neat appearance can give people a better impression, and the nose hair trimmer is already an indispensable and convenient tool for many men and women. The Angelique nose hair trimmer has a stylish appearance and an aluminum shell. It is lightweight and is the best choice when going out. The inner blade and outer blade can be removed from the nose hair trimmer for washing. The small blade can penetrate deep into the nasal cavity and shave the hair more delicately. The special blade design can prevent pulling and scratching of the nasal cavity, and the anti-slip design of the body is also very easy to hold, especially when trimming the nose hair. Angelique nose hair trimmer uses stainless steel razor, which is safer and more durable.

Nose hair trimming is more delicate and safe


o After each use, please wipe with the attached cleaning brush to keep it clean.

o This product must use 1 AAA alkaline dry battery.

o This product is for external use only, please place it where it is difficult for children to get it.

o Please put it in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight to damage the structure of the product and affect its performance.

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