EMS Device for legs MXES-FR230LBK

22 November 2021


Ultra-thin legs and buttocks artifact

Scratching and sore when you back home? Swollen and tight? So uncomfortable! Never look down on this situation! Long-term muscle stiffness may affect sleep, and severely cause varicose veins in the legs. Want to massage to achieve beautiful leg contouring effect at the same time? Maxell, a popular Japanese home appliance brand, has launched a new ultra-thin EMS exercise device for feet and buttocks. It uses EMS micro-current to massage your feet and buttocks easily, relaxes rigid and tight muscles, promotes blood circulation, strengthens metabolism, and improves lower body edema. Long-term use It can achieve the most beautiful leg shaping effect, enhance the buttocks curve, and modify the leg lines. It only takes 10 minutes a day to allow you to sit on the sofa and slide your phone while stimulating the muscles with micro-current to relieve fatigue in your legs. It is very suitable for people who are standing for a long time and wearing high heels after exercise. There are 4 massage training modes to choose from, and you can freely adjust the 15-level intensity and usage method according to your needs. The foot and hip EMS exercise device is designed with silicone texture, soft texture, lightweight foldable design, easy to store, and convenient to carry, allowing you to enjoy an unprecedented massage butt-lifting and leg-lifting experience at home and office anytime, anywhere.


Recommended Usage

Tips: Do not use clothes or fabrics when using, please use it directly in contact with the skin


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