llexam Hand Massager MXHM-1000

22 November 2021


Give delicate hands and take care of the ultimate pampering

During the epidemic, alcohol is often used for disinfection, and hands are prone to dryness and discomfort. In addition, long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays leads to faster aging than facial skin. Hands that are often exposed are most likely to reveal their age. After the age of 30, the skin will lose a lot of collagen, and the skin will lose its elasticity and become dull. Ladies should prevent and maintain their delicate hands as soon as possible. Massage your hands for ten minutes a day, press the acupoints of your palms appropriately to relieve fatigue and stiff body, relax the pressure of life, and return your once delicate hands to your youth.

The popular brand-new Llexam warm hand massager from Japan arrived in Hong Kong by air. It is especially suitable for people who have cold hands and long-term use of electronic products. The massager adopts a covered 10-layer air pressure bag design, which completely covers the hands for rhythmic pushing massage. It can be used for full-coverage massage from fingertips to wrists, relaxing hands and relieving finger tension and stiffness. Effectively relieves wrist joints, relieves hand fatigue, and improves soreness. The heating mode that maintains a temperature of 42°C helps to promote blood circulation and alleviate the problem of cold hands. Applying hand cream is more effective. With the warming function of the massager, wearing gloves can effectively strengthen the absorption, moisturize your hands and lock in moisture, resist fine lines, dullness, roughness and other aging phenomena. The three-stage intensity can be adjusted at will, and it is easy to knead and massage, allowing you to have a private masseur at home, bringing you an unexpected experience, giving you the most gentle reward for hardworking hands, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable massage at any time pleasure.


Product  Feature

DIY Hand SPA: The ultimate hand beauty care experience, used with hand cream, wear gloves to help absorb, lock water and moisturise.

Simple operation: simple control interface, let you enjoy a comfortable massage with one button.

LED panel: manually change colors according to mood (gradient color, purple, blue, green)

Temperature-sensing heating function: maintain 42°C, promote blood circulation, and solve the problem of cold hands.

Automatic timing function: automatically stop operation in about ten minutes, safe and assured

Wireless use: Use USB cable to charge, offline operation, convenient to use at home and office


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