Ozoneo AROMA Diffuser MXAP-FA100

22 November 2021


Maxell antibacterial and deodorizing aroma diffuser MXAP-FA100, a change from the traditional Ozoneo with aromatherapy atomizer, antibacterial when working out The deodorization mode uses Japanese patented technology “MRD” (Multiple Ring Corona Discharge Technology) to generate low concentrations of ozone and negative ions, and actively kills various stubborn bacteria and viruses that are floating in the air and adhering to furniture. The effect is as high as 99%. Go home from get off work and switch to aromatherapy mode to relieve stress, relax and enjoy the private time in the evening.


◎ Even without a filter, it can eliminate bacteria and viruses up to 99%*1, and its deodorizing ability should not be underestimated. It almost completely deodorizes within 2 hours*2.

◎ Adopting Japanese patented technology “MRD*3” (Multiplex Ring Discharge) to generate negative

   The airflow of *4 and low-concentration ozone *4 spreads every corner of the home, quickly expelling stubborn bacteria and viruses attached to the corners of the home.

◎ Equipped with an aromatherapy atomizer, covering a range of up to 700 feet, it is convenient to choose your favorite aromatherapy essential oil to relax your mood.

◎ The unique filterless and fanless design *5 realizes a small and lightweight body and saves filter costs.

◎ 2.5W low power consumption design, long open 24 hours without fear.

Newion generation technology

The strong decomposing power of ozone and negative ions has always been an effective disinfection solution. They are generally used in large-scale air treatment equipment, sewage treatment, etc., which are closely related to our lives. However, the number of ions generated by the conventional ion generator is insufficient and the effective coverage space is small. Compared with traditional ionizers, Maxell uses Japan’s Air Success’s patented technology “MRD”, which can generate up to three times the amount of electric ions and ozone and form an ion wind to drive the airflow, dispersing low-concentration ozone and negative ions into every home. In a corner, the purification effect can be improved without the need of a fan design, and the inefficiency problem of traditional methods can be solved.

Efficacy of ozone

Bacteria-Ozone can interfere with the metabolism of bacterial cells by inhibiting and preventing the operation of the enzyme control system of bacterial cells. A sufficient amount of ozone can penetrate cell membranes and directly destroy their cell morphology.

Virus-its structure is a non-cellular form composed of a nucleic acid molecule (DNA or RNA) and protein. Unlike bacteria, they can only use the host cell to replicate and reproduce through the mechanism of infection. They convert the protein of the host cell into their own protein, and ozone can destroy most viruses by spreading through the protein shell and into the nucleic acid core, causing the virus’s RNA to be damaged and weakening it.

After decomposing viruses and bacteria, the ozone will be reduced to oxygen (O2), which will not cause pollution or negative effects on the environment.

■ Virus inactivation test (example) *1

– Refer to the test report for detailed test content. The above is a summary of the report content.

– Ozone has the effect of suppressing viruses and other harmful bacteria, but it cannot guarantee the prevention of infection.

– Ozone has a unique odor, which is normal. Because ozone is irritating, it is recommended to keep a distance of 30cm when using it.


*1 Sterilization and disinfection effect: It is the data obtained from the test in a closed space of 25 cubic meters. There are various factors in actual use. It is recommended to use it continuously to maintain the effect.

*2 Deodorization effect: It is the data obtained from the test in a confined space of 109m2. There are various factors in actual use. It is recommended to use it continuously to maintain the effect.

*3 Japanese patented technology “MRD” (Multiple Ring Corona Discharge): Patent No. 4551977 (held by Japan アーサクセス Co., Ltd.)

*4 Low-concentration ozone: Control the low-concentration ozone below the environmental standard (0.06 ppm) stipulated by the Basic Environmental Law of Japan.

*5 It is recommended to clean the electrode ring device and electrode needle regularly (1-2 times/month).

*6 The test data is provided by a third-party Japanese laboratory. The actual results will vary depending on the surrounding environment and usage time.

■ Trademarks

・Product name, product logo, trademark copyright belong to Maxell or related companies.

・The product photos may differ from the actual product.

・The appearance and specifications of the product may be changed without notice.

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