Ionized Wind Deodorizer [Ozoneo Aero+]

  • 1 hour 99% sterilization*
  • 2 hours 99% inactivated virus*
  • Great deodorization in a short time*
  • Applicable range up to 33m2
  • The body is light and small, suitable for nesting families
  • Generate ozone, effective sterilization and disinfection
  • Filterless design saves filter costs and reduces hygienic risks
  • Adopt Japanese silent fan motor to increase coverage and effectively reduce concentration
  • 4.5W low power consumption design
  • Body piano surface treatment
  • Designed in Japan, Made in China
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3-Level of Ozone volume*1 can be selected depending on the room size.

OZONEO AERO+ is equipped with three ozone fan strength switching modes. The volume of ozone generated and the fan strength of the built-in fan can be controlled according to the size of the room.

[Recommended coverage for each mode]
– Low: about 1.6 to 9.3m2
– Mid: about 9.3 to 21.7m2
– High: about 18.6 to 31m2

※Recommended coverage is subject to the condition of the number of ventilations in residential rooms (0.5 times/hour) in accordance with the Building Standards Law, It is set to be an ozone concentration that is effective and is below the average of the permissible indoor concentrations determined by the Japan Air Cleaning Association.

Ozone*2 rapidly reaches every corner of the room.
By combining the ozone generating unit and the fan, ozone spread to every corner of the room.

Effect of ozone

Digital display of temperature and humidity.

Antimicrobial process

The surface of “Ozoneo AERO+” has antimicrobial process for use in cleanliness.

Quiet design*6 for comfortable use even in bedrooms and other places where quietness is required.

Noise level is 35dB or less when used in low and medium mode.

Only Up to ¥93*7 each month of electricity charge even use for 24 hours a day continuously.

Based on the new electricity rate estimate of ¥27/kWh (including tax).

Timer function automatically turns the power off after about 8 hours if you forget to turn it off.

The timer function automatically turns the power off after about 8 hours, making the OZONEO AERO+ safe to use when going out or going to sleep.

2 colors for selection (white/black)

Stylish and compact design is also good for home decoration.

Maintenance*8 is easy – just remove any dust from the filter and ozone unit.

  1. 3-Level of Ozone volume: Low: about 1.6 to 9.3 m2, Mid: about 9.3 to 21.7 m2, High: about 18.6 to 31 m2
  2. Ozone: The ozone concentration is set to be less than or equal to the average allowable concentration of 0.05ppm in the room defined by the Japan Air Cleaning Association.
  3. Bacteria elimination: Bacteria elimination effects were confirmed in a closed space of 25 m3at the Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science.Test number:北生発2019_0466
  4. Odor elimination: Odor eliminating effects were confirmed in a closed space of 109 L at Japan Food Research Laboratories. Test number:20007306
  5. Virus removal:Viral elimination effects were confirmed in a closed space of 25 m3 at Japan Food Research Laboratories. Test number:20010243001-0101
  6. Quiet design: Noise level is lower than 35 db in weak mode (applicable from 1.6 to 9.3 m2) and medium mode (applicable from 9.3 to 21.7 m2).
  7. ¥93 is an approximated maximum monthly electricity cost: Calculated based on a new electricity rate standard of ¥27/kWh (tax included) when operating in strong mode.
  8. For comfortably use, we recommend that you regularly clean and maintain the product (once or twice each month).


Part names and functions

Usage Scenes
Living room
Dining room


Power supply

Dedicated AC adapter

Input power


Power consumption


Operating temperature range

0 to 40℃(no condensation)

Ozone generation


Recommended applicable range*1

1.6 to 31m2

External Dimensions

W212mm ×D76mm × H205mm


About 1kg


Dedicated AC adapter × 1,User manual(with warranty),Cleaning brush × 1

  1. This is an approximation based on our test results. Effectiveness varies depending on environment and operating time.
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