llexam Hand Massager

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According to the advice of Ms. Teruko Kobayashi, the head of the higher school of Aoyama Beauty Gakuin College, using the 42°C temperature-sensing heating mode to warm the hands and the vibration function can promote blood circulation.

With 10 layers of airbags, it covers the entire hand for pushing massage, covering from fingertips to wrists!

  • 3 functions intensive care of hands:
  1. Pressurization: Ten-layer airbag massage
  2. Warm 42℃: From fingertips to palms, it gradually heats up
  3. Vibration: Use the vibration function to further relax
  • From fingertips to wrists, wrap the entire hand for massage
  • Specially designed for female hand structure
  • 4 mode LED lights to relax
  • 3 levels of strength
  • 10 minutes at a time, saving time for care
  • USB rechargeable + wireless portable
  • Antibacterial fabric
  1. Reach in: Please stretch your hand in along the split-finger design, palm facing down.
  2. Turn on the power:
  • Long press the power button for about 2 seconds
  • After turning on the power, all functions (pressurization function, heating function, vibration function) will be turned on.
  • Intensity : 1 level
  • The relax light is in gradual mode
  • It will automatically stop working after about 10 minutes

3. Intensity selection: Short press the power button to switch the intensity of the airbag

  • For first-time users, please start with level 1

4. Select the heating function: Short press the Hot button to turn on or off the heating function

  • The function is OFF when the LED of the Hot button is off, and ON when it is lit

5. Select the vibration function: Short press the vibration button to turn on or off the vibration function

  • The function is OFF when the LED light of the vibration button is off, and ON when it is lit

6. Choose the color of the relaxation light

  • Short press the LED button to change the color of the relaxation light. When the product starts to work, the relax light starts to light up from the gradient mode, and the color is switched every time the switch is pressed.

7. Power off: When you stop using it halfway, please press and hold the power button for about 2 seconds



Input voltage/current

DC5V/Max. 2A



Operating time

Approx. 10 mins





Air pressure

Approx. 108 kPa as below


4290 times/min or as below

Heater temperature

Approx. 45℃

Operating temperature


Charging time

Approx. 3hrs


Approx. 1m

This is a controlled medical device that massage the hand by pressurising the airbag. Wrap the entire hand from the fingertips to the wrist and massage. Equipped with a heating and vibration function, you can relax with comfortable vibration while gently warming your hands.

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