Alkaline Batteries

  • Maxell high quality Alikaline battery, reliable high power and long lasting durability
  • From clocks to toys to difital cameras, high performance across all applications
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Type Model name Packaging type Unit per pack Country of Origin
D LR20(GD)2B Blister card 2 China
LR20(GD)2P Shrink wrap
C LR14(GD)2B Blister card 2 China
LR14(GD)2P Shrink wrap
AA LR6(GD)2B Blister card 2 China, Indonesia
LR6(GD)2P Shrink wrap
LR6(GD)4B Blister card 4
LR6(GD)4P Shrink wrap
LR6(GD)6B Blister card 6
LR6(GD)8B 8
LR6(W)2B 2 Indonesia
LR6(W)4B 4
LR6(W)6B 6
LR6(W)8B 8
AAA LR03(GD)2B Blister card 2 China, Indonesia
LR03(GD)2P Shrink wrap
LR03(GD)4B Blister card 4
LR03(GD)4P Shrink wrap
LR03(GD)6B Blister card 6
LR03(GD)8B 8
LR03(W)2B 2 Indonesia
LR03(W)4B 4
LR03(W)6B 6
LR03(W)8B 8
AAAA LR1(GD)1B Blister card 1 China
9V 6LF22(GD)1B Blister card 1 Malaysia
6LF22(GD)1P Shrink wrap 1 Malaysia
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