Photo Lithium Battery (non-rechargeable)

  • Maxell high quality photo battery – CR123A/CR2
  • High power & stable discharge characteristics
  • Applications: Photographic equipments, Flashlights, Light/Electronic meters…etc.
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Model name Dimension Nominal Voltage Packaging type Country of Origin
CR123A ∅17 x H34.5 mm 3V Blister card (1pc/pack) China
CR2 ∅17 x H34 mm 3V Blister card (1pc/pack) China


– The shown packaging design(s) is/are available in APAC region, middle east and Africa, may differ in other countries and regions.

– Do not recharge, disassemble, short, heat above 212 °F (100℃), or incinerate.

– Risk of generating heat and fire if miused. Do not dispose of in fire.

– Keep battery out of reach of children and in original package until ready to use.

– Dispose of used battery promptly in accordance with the respective country/regional recycling law.

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