Price Increase of Maxell Products

We’ve released an announcement, please click below link for official announcement letter.

Announcement of Price Increase of Maxell Products


Price Revision of Lithium Battery

We’ve released an announcement, please click below link for official announcement letter.

Announcement of Price Revision of Lithium Battery


The Maxell official website has been upgraded!

We officially announced that the Maxell official website has been newly designed and updated on November 24, 2021. The purpose is to make the website faster, the content updated regularly and the classification is clearer, so as to easily solve the personal needs of the guests.

This new website Added richer content: including providing four languages (Traditional, Simplified, English and Thai) to facilitate different customers to find product information and receive new information; update new product information regularly to make Guests will not miss the new products; increase the FAQ of frequently asked questions, and immediately solve the current questions and so on. Enhance the guest’s browsing experience and make it easier and faster for different types of guests to use the newly designed and easy-to-use pages.

Finally, we will update the latest information, product news and events through different channels (Facebook, Instagram and web pages) from time to time to provide customers with timely information!


Maxell is a multinational company founded in 1960 with wide product range including batteries, storage devices, computer tapes and electronic components. Moreover, Maxell also produces home appliances for health and beauty care, including razors, facials, water machines and air purifiers. By utilizing its more than 50 years of experience of developing unique technologies, Maxell has been started delivering health and beauty care appliances on its own brand since 2017, aim to bring a better life experience to people through its high-quality products. 

As per maxell’s business philosophy “Supporting Smart Life, Relaxing and Motivating Around People”, we will continuously expand product development and lineup to support people with comfortable living. 




Anti-bacterial Air Purifier HEP-200

Super filtration, double purification of bacteria and viruses, no odor, protect family health

The popular Japanese home appliance brand Maxell earlier launched the OZONEO AERO deodorising and antibacterial machine MXAP-AE270, using Ozoneo to proactively spread ozone and negative ions, effectively killing bacteria, viruses and odors in the home. In order to more effectively eliminate harmful substances and viruses in the room, Maxell strongly promotes the sterilizing air purifier MXAP-HEP200, which uses a high-efficiency multi-filter system and super ventilation capability to further filter harmful impurities in the air. It is a defensive iron in the home. wall. With OZONEO AERO deodorizing and antibacterial machine, it can achieve a double purification effect and protect the health of the family.

The Strongest Filter Combination – HEPA(H13) x Cold Catalyst x Active Carbon   

Anti-bacterial Air Purifier MXAP-HEP200’s high-efficiency five-fold filter, filtering and sterilising at the same time, redefining the function of the filter and maximising the cleaning efficiency. Using H13 grade HEPA, cold catalyst and activated carbon filter, it captures harmful dust particles in the floating air, and decomposes harmful formaldehyde, bacteria, allergens and odors, and purifies the home more perfectly.

Super ventilation x quiet air supply

Anti-bacterial Air Purifier MXAP-HEP200 adopts aerodynamic design concept, with roller-type fan blades and brushless motor motor, with a special internal structure, double-sided air intake, providing large-angle and large-volume output. Covering a large area as high as 580 feet, it also achieves unparalleled

Five-step Filtration System and Dual Sterilization Mechanism

The sterilizing air purifier MXAP-HEP200 is equipped with a five-fold filtration system, which prevents harmful impurities in the air with numerous obstacles.

Level 1. pre-filter to block large suspended particles such as hair and dust.

Level 2 double-sided design. One side is equipped with a cold catalyst material known as the nemesis of formaldehyde. The test report of MXAP-HEP200 shows that the clean air output rate (CADR) of formaldehyde is 84m3/hr, such as 500 According to the calculation of the home, it only takes about 90 minutes to deal with the harmful formaldehyde in the home, and the cold catalyst material combined with the built-in UV germicidal lamp can further decompose the bacteria. On the other side, there is an activated carbon filter with a honeycomb structure, which evenly holds activated carbon particles, which can effectively absorb organic matter and odors, and its odor absorption and deodorisation effect is not inferior to the OZONEO series.

Level 3 double-sided structure with an antibacterial filter layer on one side, which can greatly reduce the problem of bacteria breeding in the filter that is commonly encountered in air fresheners, effectively helping to clean the air and prolong the life of the filter. On the other side is the H13-level HEPA high-efficiency filter, which effectively filters suspended particles that pose a threat to health. It is also one of the main indicators of air pollution such as PM2.5 and haze among many people in the market. According to the article The test results provided by the Tripartite Laboratory show that this machine can filter PM0.3 particles up to 99.99%, that is, as long as the particle diameter exceeds 0.3 microns in the air, it can hardly escape the clutches of MXAP-HEP200. The test results also pointed out that the sterilisation ability reached 99.99%, dust mites 98.75%, and pollen 91.61%. In addition to PM2.5 and germs, even the allergens are not spared.

Double sterilization extends filter life

MXAP-HEP200 releases 20 million negative ions and a built-in UV Chamber with a wavelength of 365nm inhibit and decompose organic substances, bacteria, viruses and odors in the air effectively. At the same time, it can also help reduce the growth of bacteria in the filter.

Real-time Indoor Air Quality Indicator

MXAP-HEP200 has a high-precision laser particle sensor, which automatically adjusts the wind speed, and sensitive to slight pollution to achieve the best purification effect.

The relationship between wind speed and PM2.5 value

Rich functions

Wind speed optional, automatic mode, sleep mode, timer shutdown mode, child lock, negative ion switch, UV germicidal lamp switch, air humidification protection, dump safety power off, filter replacement prompt, real-time air quality monitoring, etc.



*1  10W is the first paragraph air volume or power in sleep mode.

*2  It is recommended to fill up to 1 liter of water.

*3  The range calculated based on the clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 450 cubic meters per hour3.

*4  According to the GB/T18801-2015 standard, the actual measurement result of the highest wind speed segment (paragraph 8) in a space of 30 cubic meters m3.

*5  Under the condition that the filter maintains the CADR performance of the clean air delivery rate, the replacement is set at 1500 hours. Or due to differences in the actual use environment and time, it is recommended to replace the filter when you feel a peculiar smell in the wind, the wind speed is significantly reduced, or when you find that the filter is obviously gray and there is a lot of visible dust.

*5  According to the actual test results of a third-party laboratory.


  1. Please read all usage methods and precautions before use.
  2. This product is for external use only, please keep it out the reach of children.
  3. Please put it in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight to damage the product structure and affect the performance.


OZONEO Anti-Bacterial Air Deodoriser AE270

Good helper for epidemic prevention and antibacterial, rapid deodorization, deodorization and sterilization

Everyone should keep home air circulation and the surrounding environment clean at all times to prevent viruses and germs from entering the house! In order to effectively fight off harmful substances and viruses in the room, Maxell, a popular Japanese home appliance brand, went with everyone in the fight against the epidemic and launched the new OZONEO ion wind deodorizing and antibacterial machine MXAP-AE270. MXAP-AE270 uses Japan Air Success’s MRD patented technology to form ionic wind to drive the airflow for purification, which can inhibit and decompose bacteria and viruses in the air (including Staphylococcus aureus, influenza virus, salmonella and E. coli, etc.), and anything from clothes The smell of shoes, shoes or any other places can be eliminated one by one, providing you with a clean, fresh, comfortable and comfortable living space.

The OZONEO ion wind deodorizing and antibacterial machine MXAP-AE270 has a built-in fan. By using low-concentration ozone below 0.05ppm, it meets the international ozone environmental safety standards), bringing ozone and ions to every corner of the home, powerfully decomposing bacteria, Viruses and odors. MXAP-AE270 is equipped with 3 wind speed modes, suitable for various large and small spaces and places such as living room, dining room, bedroom, office, kitchen, children’s space and pet space, etc., and it has a wide range of uses. Especially suitable for families with children and pets, the whole operation process is completely silent. Even in the bedroom, children and pets and other places that are more sensitive to noise, OZONEO provides users with a peaceful environment so that you can sleep at ease.

Maxell integrates advanced design into life. The body adopts electroplated air outlet and special anti-fouling UV coating, which is not easy to stain and easy to clean. MXAP-AE270 is different from ordinary air purifiers. It only needs to gently wipe the electrode pads and electrode needles for care, and the maintenance is simple. The use of low-power design saves power and cost for users, which is very economical!

OZONEO anti-Bacterial machine MXAP-AE270



  1. Please read all usage methods and precautions before use.
  2. This product is for external use only, please keep it out of the reach of children.
  3. Please place it in a cool and dry place to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight that can damage the product structure and affect its performance.

Ozoneo AROMA Diffuser MXAP-FA100

Maxell antibacterial and deodorizing aroma diffuser MXAP-FA100, a change from the traditional Ozoneo with aromatherapy atomizer, antibacterial when working out The deodorization mode uses Japanese patented technology “MRD” (Multiple Ring Corona Discharge Technology) to generate low concentrations of ozone and negative ions, and actively kills various stubborn bacteria and viruses that are floating in the air and adhering to furniture. The effect is as high as 99%. Go home from get off work and switch to aromatherapy mode to relieve stress, relax and enjoy the private time in the evening.


◎ Even without a filter, it can eliminate bacteria and viruses up to 99%*1, and its deodorizing ability should not be underestimated. It almost completely deodorizes within 2 hours*2.

◎ Adopting Japanese patented technology “MRD*3” (Multiplex Ring Discharge) to generate negative

   The airflow of *4 and low-concentration ozone *4 spreads every corner of the home, quickly expelling stubborn bacteria and viruses attached to the corners of the home.

◎ Equipped with an aromatherapy atomizer, covering a range of up to 700 feet, it is convenient to choose your favorite aromatherapy essential oil to relax your mood.

◎ The unique filterless and fanless design *5 realizes a small and lightweight body and saves filter costs.

◎ 2.5W low power consumption design, long open 24 hours without fear.

Newion generation technology

The strong decomposing power of ozone and negative ions has always been an effective disinfection solution. They are generally used in large-scale air treatment equipment, sewage treatment, etc., which are closely related to our lives. However, the number of ions generated by the conventional ion generator is insufficient and the effective coverage space is small. Compared with traditional ionizers, Maxell uses Japan’s Air Success’s patented technology “MRD”, which can generate up to three times the amount of electric ions and ozone and form an ion wind to drive the airflow, dispersing low-concentration ozone and negative ions into every home. In a corner, the purification effect can be improved without the need of a fan design, and the inefficiency problem of traditional methods can be solved.

Efficacy of ozone

Bacteria-Ozone can interfere with the metabolism of bacterial cells by inhibiting and preventing the operation of the enzyme control system of bacterial cells. A sufficient amount of ozone can penetrate cell membranes and directly destroy their cell morphology.

Virus-its structure is a non-cellular form composed of a nucleic acid molecule (DNA or RNA) and protein. Unlike bacteria, they can only use the host cell to replicate and reproduce through the mechanism of infection. They convert the protein of the host cell into their own protein, and ozone can destroy most viruses by spreading through the protein shell and into the nucleic acid core, causing the virus’s RNA to be damaged and weakening it.

After decomposing viruses and bacteria, the ozone will be reduced to oxygen (O2), which will not cause pollution or negative effects on the environment.

■ Virus inactivation test (example) *1

– Refer to the test report for detailed test content. The above is a summary of the report content.

– Ozone has the effect of suppressing viruses and other harmful bacteria, but it cannot guarantee the prevention of infection.

– Ozone has a unique odor, which is normal. Because ozone is irritating, it is recommended to keep a distance of 30cm when using it.


*1 Sterilization and disinfection effect: It is the data obtained from the test in a closed space of 25 cubic meters. There are various factors in actual use. It is recommended to use it continuously to maintain the effect.

*2 Deodorization effect: It is the data obtained from the test in a confined space of 109m2. There are various factors in actual use. It is recommended to use it continuously to maintain the effect.

*3 Japanese patented technology “MRD” (Multiple Ring Corona Discharge): Patent No. 4551977 (held by Japan アーサクセス Co., Ltd.)

*4 Low-concentration ozone: Control the low-concentration ozone below the environmental standard (0.06 ppm) stipulated by the Basic Environmental Law of Japan.

*5 It is recommended to clean the electrode ring device and electrode needle regularly (1-2 times/month).

*6 The test data is provided by a third-party Japanese laboratory. The actual results will vary depending on the surrounding environment and usage time.

■ Trademarks

・Product name, product logo, trademark copyright belong to Maxell or related companies.

・The product photos may differ from the actual product.

・The appearance and specifications of the product may be changed without notice.


Angelique Mini straight and curler hair styler MXHI-100

I believe everyone knows that the weather in Hong Kong is very humid, especially on rainy days, and the clipped hair will quickly return to the original shape. If there is a portable hair clipper that can fix the hair anytime and anywhere, it would be great! Maxell launched a limited series of fresh pink USB portable hair clipper MXHI-100 this summer, it seems to attract a rush to buy!

The functionality and practicability of Maxell’s household products have always been beyond doubt. This USB portable hair clipper MXHI-100 has also received a lot of praise in Japan! The biggest selling point is of course its lightweight design, which supports any USB and mobile power charging. It is the first choice for traveling. Imported from Japan, exquisite workmanship, with ceramic heating plate, not easy to burn hair. You can create straight or curly hair styles anytime, anywhere, directly connected to a computer, car or charger to use, to meet the needs of changing styles when traveling. In addition, the light and small size is also worthy of praise. The MXHI-100 made of ultra-light material is light enough and weighs only 100g. Even if the hair is completely curled, there will be no feeling of scratching or tangling hair. The appearance design of the hair clipper uses pure white and lavender in fresh pink color, which is very suitable for you who are simple.

The temperature of the USB portable hair clipper MXHI-100 ranges from 160°C to 200°C, which can be adjusted by the user. It takes about 50 seconds from 0°C to 160°C, which greatly reduces the waiting time. Curly hair, straight hair, curled ends, and airy bangs can all be done all at once, and can be adjusted to the most ideal temperature according to your own hair quality. The ceramic heating plate in it can heat up quickly and evenly distribute the temperature. In addition, the ceramic ironing plate is not easy to damage the hair, shortens the styling time, and reduces the high temperature damage to the hair.



  1. Please read all usage methods and precautions before use.
  2. This product is for external use only, please keep it out of the reach of children.
  3. Please place it in a cool and dry place to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight that can damage the product structure and affect its performance.


Angelique V, I line Trimmer

Afraid of embarrassment when going out to hair removal?

Arousing embarrassment when making affection? Want to increase intimacy with your partner? I want to try to remove hair than Guinness but I am afraid of pain and embarrassment? Bikini is a sensitive area, the hair is thicker and more difficult to handle, and you will feel more pain during the hair removal treatment. Traditional razors can easily make the skin dry and itchy, and even cause hair to grow backwards, which can easily cause inflammation and produce melanin. Shaving excess hair can keep the private parts fresh and hygienic and reduce the chance of infection. Private hair care has become a general trend, “hairy kids” are indeed a problem for many women. There are many hair removal methods in the market. I don’t know where to start?

Maxell has noticed everyone’s troubles and created two brand new Angelique V, I Line hair trimmers for you. They are designed for different positions and can solve the problem of private hair accurately and quickly. Among them, the Angelique V Line electric hair trimmer uses heat to repair the length of the hair in the private parts. It is safe and easy to use, so that the tip of the hair is rounded and no longer feels thorny. It takes care of sensitive skin. The process will not feel painful, while protecting the epidermis, achieving a truly painless Bikini shave. In addition, the Angelique I Line electric hair trimmer is specially designed for fine parts. It gently and safely shaves the extra hair in the private parts, and more accurately solves the most difficult bikini position. Shave lightly and enjoy a perfect sex life.

MXVT-100 Angelique V Line Trimmer

Reduce the unwanted hair of V line and keep it fresh and hygienic

  • Using high-temperature electric heating wire to cut the V-line hair
  • Equipped with 2 temperature levels: 1 (200℃) suitable for soft hair or close to private parts / 2 (250℃) fast cutting hair
  • Safety design, the hotline only heats up after pressing the button
  • No need to replace the battery, USB charging
  • The body is also equipped with a cleaning brush, allowing you to easily clean the cutter head, hygienic and tidy

How To Use


MXIS-100 Angelique I Line Shaver

Easily trim the unwanted hair of I Line with a dedicated trimmer

  • Special T-shaped skin-friendly blade design, designed for fine parts, precise and gentle, the blade design is safe, will not cut the skin, and reduce hair damage to the skin. The pen-shaped design is light and easy to use, which can shave the hair on the private parts anytime and anywhere.
  • There are 2 speed options: 1 (low speed) / 2 (high speed)
  • No need to replace the battery, USB charging
  • One-button operation
  • The body is also equipped with a cleaning brush, allowing you to easily clean the cutter head, hygienic and tidy

How To Use

What is VIO Line?


  1. Please read all usage methods and precautions before use.
  2. After each use, please wipe with the attached cleaning brush to keep it clean.
  3. This product cannot be used together with shaving/removal creams and foams. It is only suitable for dry skin.
  4. This product is not waterproof. Do not use it with wet hands or in an environment where water is splashed, otherwise it may cause heat generation, electric shock, malfunction or injury.
  5. This product is for external use only, please keep it out of the reach of children.
  6. Do not share a product with family members or others, otherwise it may cause infection or inflammation.
  7. Please place it in a cool and dry place to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight that can damage the product structure and affect its performance.
  8. Do not use for pets, otherwise it may cause pets burns or injuries.

MXIS-100 I Line Shaver

  1. Please remove the blade of the MXIS-100 electric trimmer and rinse it with clean water, but do not soak it in water, and do not clean it with sea water, detergent or hot water.
  2. Do not force the blade head against the skin, otherwise it may cause injury.

MXVT-100 Line Trimmer

  1. The temperature of the heating wire of the MXVT-100 electric hair clipper is as high as 250℃. Please do not touch the heating head or stick the comb on your skin during operation, otherwise it may cause burns or injuries.
  2. Do not wash the thread with water, just use a brush to clean it.

*Vline/ Iline is not designed for full shave, it is mainly used to shorten the hair to achieve the purpose of shape and hygiene.


  • Product name, product logo, trademark copyright belong to Maxell or related companies.
  • The product photos may differ from the actual product.
  • The appearance and specifications of the product may be changed without notice.